Harry BrowneHarry Browne, (1933-2006) American libertarian writer, politician, and free-market investment analyst. Libertarian candidate for US President 1996 & 2000

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“Republicans campaign like Libertarians and govern like Democrats.”

Harry BrowneHarry Browne
~ Harry Browne

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Mike, Norwalk

WOW! ! ! How absolutely accurate ! ! !

cal, Lewisville, Texas

Perfect quote. Always liked Harry Browne.

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

In the absence of rooted in right conviction moral authority, pragmatism ruinously prevails.

In this morally impoverished day, statesmanship is virtually unknown.

jim k, austin

Exactly right.

E Archer, NYC

The transformation from a republican form of federated government into a nationalist socialist democracy has redefined Americanism itself from an association of self-determining freemen/freewomen into worshipers of national politicians who will render us aid from our desperate and failing lives. Who to vote for? It doesn't matter -- the game is already rigged; the whole thing is a charade and a distraction from what is really happening. A Libertarian is not a party man, so in a game of 'the majority rules,' he doesn't have a chance. In a fascist democracy, the concepts of liberty and personal responsibility are but stumbling blocks, not staircases. Every effort is made to tear down the individual, and transfer his power to a 'competent authority.' It is the same from both sides of the aisle -- in a fixed game, the real opposition to fascism doesn't even get to play.

Mike, Norwalk

Wow Archer, extremely well said.


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