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“No man is great enough or wise enough for any of us to surrender our destiny to. The only way in which anyone can lead us is to restore our belief in our own guidance.”

Henry MillerHenry Miller
~ Henry Miller

The Wisdom of the Heart, 1941

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Reb Aaron, Jerusalem

The first two lines are absolutely true, and the Constitution guarantees that we never have to. The second two are patently untrue, but the first two lines are by far the more important.

Bruce, 'Bama

Great! And the first rule of politics sadly enough is "who's ass or you going to kiss". The Iraq debate often centered on whether or not you liked Bush or tied your destiny to him not on the facts or ones own analysis. John Kennedy said it "Sometimes political party asks too much." We elect our guys to help us and guide us for a few years.

E Archer, NYC

I do NOT look to presidents for guidance -- far from it. I look to presidents to put a check on run-away Congressional power. But who will put a check on the President?

Mike, Norwalk

I have to agree whole heartedly with Reb here. I do not want anyone in government to lead me or, restore my belief in my own guidance. My destiny is my own. I would that those of government only represent me and protect my life, liberty, and property.

Sam, Alabama

Amen Reb,

Bruce, 'Bama

Generally speaking heads of states are called leaders. They are suppose to lead just as government is for better or worse the leader of society. Government is society in action like it or not.

warren, olathe

As did Ronald Reagan, JFK, George Washington and Abe Lincoln. Perfect quote.

Debby, Los Angeles

Beautiful! In each of us leading our own lives, we come together for the joy of it!

jim k, Austin

warren,olathe, Don't mix Abe Lincoln in with the good guys. He was a snake who caused the deaths of over 600,000 people and had little thought of freeing slaves. Read the " Real Lincoln " or "Lincoln Unmasked" and get the truth about old Honest Abe.

Ronw13, Yachats Or

The outer Court ( the Constitution ) allows for two types of debate, ( Matstsah, contentious and quarreling ), the other ( Ruwb, Riyb, a legal case to defend God ), God has a valid case, and is very defendable. To turn a blind eye to a Good conscience, is to exclude God from the case ! Therefore making the guide post of Morality, a whipping post of a decent, wholesome mindset under natural law. The Temple of Faith, ( Our Declaration of Independence ), always at odds with the outer court, where the unbelieving and believers gather to debate. There is No debate within the Temple, only like mindedness, peace and joy. " I will put my law in their hearts, and they will be my Sons and Daughters. " I have one Leader, and that is the God of Nature, who has endowed me with the responsibility of my own guidance under moral constraint, liberty by way of wholesome nurturing brings understanding to the individual at liberty. We must all be about our experience at liberty to become Adults, full grown ! Very few reach maturity. Sad but true, even in old age. We are a Free Republic under siege, by way of democratic socialistic tyranny !! Abe Lincoln was a socialistic pawn who lost his head. rightfully so.

E Archer, NYC

Collectives need leaders, individuals don't. The President is to be an 'executive administrator' who enforces the laws passed by Congress; as commander in chief, he commands those that have sworn to obey. Congress is not supposed to 'lead' us any where -- they are to represent the People and the States. Certainly the Courts are not to lead us either, only to provide a means of redress. Only people who have given up their own will need others to lead them, or those that choose to fall in with the group for the benefits provided to 'club members.' Of course, the 'followers' have to pay the leaders so that the leaders can continue to lead. Too often, the survival and growth of the club becomes more important than the ideals for which the club was founded in the first place. The lust for power generally corrupts those who acquire it.

Fredrick William Sillik, Anytown

Restore or actually initiate that belief in yourself?


"Restore our belief in our own guidance"... knowing how well that's often worked out in my own life I prefer the guidance of my Creator God....He' infinitely wiser than any human being who has ever lived, is alive or ever will be and knows us better than we know ourselves. 


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