Honore de BalzacHonore de Balzac, (1799-1850) French novelist, playwright

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“Bureaucracy is a giant mechanism operated by pygmies.”

Honore de BalzacHonore de Balzac
~ Honore de Balzac

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Helene, Moscow

...and bureacracy is beyond borders

Mike, Norwalk

I might add; statist theocracy pygmies with tyrannical cannons replacing natural law. :-)

Waffler, Smith

All people who were within the confines and restictions of organizations are to some extent pygmies. Tomes have been written about "organization men". So what is new. If bureaucrats did their own thing and did not follow the rules and regulations then you bitch about that. Bureaus were estblished for exactly that purpose; prevent the abuses of political appointess.

J Carlton, Calgary

Bureaucracies are generally made up of faceless unnaccountable slugs who care not at all for the people they are supposedly there to serve. They they are protected by unions / government and a system that let's them hide behind closed doors. And for the most part they are unnecessary wastes of money and skin.

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RBESRQ    11/29/10

Lovely! I said the same thing, well nearly: "Bureaucracies are operated and run by Sergeant's."

Joy, Papillion, NE

One sentence. But one that makes me laugh outloud---sometimes truth is funny. I think RBESRQ is probably closer but not all of us have experience with Sergeants! LOL

E Archer, NYC

Just remember the ONLY jobs that government can actually create are bureacracies -- their primary purpose is to grow government further. In socialist countries, the government is the largest employer, producing nothing, but living off the taxes of the property and labors of the workers until two great classes emerge: those that produce and those that live off the productive. Which side are you on?

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    RBESRQ    11/29/10

    Archer, get a life, they are all the same...

    Mike, Norwalk

    Robert, I have a life and, I'm not quite sure what you mean while you were addressing Archer. Who, are all the same? Those who produce wealth and those who do not? All live off of produced products, not all produce products. Ahhh? - mmm? I know you were making a reference to something, please expand.

    E Archer, NYC

    No, RBE, all jobs are NOT the same. Without real production of food, water, energy, building materials, and commodities, the nation would soon collapse. If these areas are regulated too much, these processes move to other countries. When America led the world in industry and manufacturing, it was the most prosperous nation on Earth. As socialism took over, more 'jobs' were created to take a piece of the fruits of production in order to 'regulate' it. As a result, millions of production jobs have moved to China (essentially slave labor) to the point that almost every single thing we buy today is manufactured there -- and it is almost always crap. Buying American has become very expensive as a result, and very difficult for business owners to do their work without government interference. Legislation today is often geared to help the great monopolies in drugs, agriculture, military, and banking to the point that smaller businesses with superior products cannot compete. The entire premise of socialism is that the game needs to be 'fixed' to be 'fair' which of course is an oxymoronic purpose as the game is inevitably fixed to the benefit of those 'fixing' it -- look at Gore, Clinton, and Kerry. Thus the game is rigged and ultimately produces problems of its own. Most of society's ills are due to the current rigging of the game -- the libs blame the 'corporations' but ignore the system that socialist policies create. Once the system is rigged to allow a private cartel to create money out of thin air and loan it to nations in the trillions (and charge interest mind you!), any semblance of sovereignty, responsibility, and liberty are gone. When jobs that produce are destroyed and replaced with jobs that merely 'police', the system becomes even more fragile. If you look at government today it would be hard to deny that the unintended consequences of all this government policing is the crushing of production entirely. It's like the workers rebelling because the owners make more money than them and taking the factory apart, selling it off piece by piece for a pittance and then everyone starving for lack of work. Those that work for the government are paid by the debts that the government lays upon the next generation. What people are noticing as they lose their jobs and income, is that the ancient duty to produce, like growing your own food to survive is now essentially illegal without government permission -- it is essentially illegal to try and survive as people did in the 'old days' without license to do so. Essentially, it is a crime to declare one's independence in a socialist system. All jobs are NOT the same. Make something! Plant something! And stop interfering with people trying to make it on their own.

    warren, olathe

    Why are we insulting pygmies? I would espect them to do a better job than the Obama appointees. Particularly if they were straight from the jungle and had no education or training.


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