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“You can easily judge the character of a man by how he treats those who can do nothing for him.”

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Vedapushpa, Bangalore

Very True -- And they are the audacious and shameless selfish humans. Saving grace is that they are in minority vis a vis the human average.

jim k, Austin, Tx

Another way to judge a man's character is by how he treats animals.

Mike, Norwalk

For example: Romney took a lot of heat for organizing and working at gathering food and clothes for Sandy victims instead of giving money to the Red Cross. The Red Cross was asking for money to help in Sandy relief but it spends over seventy percent (70%) of the money it takes in on administration and overhead. (if someone knows the exact figure, please correct my generality) That means only less than thirty cents (30c) out of every dollar makes it to its intended purpose (of course there were those Red Cross donuts and hot coffee, served in the troubled area that meant so much to those that were just devastated and lost their homes). Then there were those who criticized that then went into the same troubled area and told everyone to vote for the finger pointers (real displays of character). On the other side of this quote, one can also discern the political actions of an individual - VOTE FOR A NON-SOCIALIST !

Don, Cutler Bay

That is wisdom and compassion at it's best.

E Archer, NYC

Thus defines the liberal 'charity.'

Ronw13, Oregon

When one expects nothing of others, you have only yourself to blame. There is profit in all labor, teach others to help themselves. "It is a fool who puts his trust in man" kjb


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