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“Collectivism is the doctrine that the social collective -- called society, the people, the state, etc. -- has rights, needs, or moral authority above and apart from the individuals who comprise it. We hear this idea continually championed in such familiar platitudes as 'the needs of the people take precedence over the rights of the individual,' 'production for people, not profits,' and 'the common good.'  Collectivism often sounds humane because it stresses the importance of human needs. In reality, it is little more than a rationalization for sacrificing you and me to the desires of others.”

~ Jarret B. Wollstein

The Causes of Aggression

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Cal, Lewisville, TX

Very true.

Mike, Norwalk

An extremely accurate observance. The moral absolutism touted by collectivists is a degenerative mental disease. Collectivism's inherent force against individual inalienable right is diametrically opposed to natural law, a criminal act and a supreme example of injustice.

jim k, Austin, Tx

Don't you just love it when a politician with a hare brained bill says that " the people demand it". When will voters learn that the only thing that 90% of politicians want is to be reelected. Maybe 99%.

E Archer, NYC

Those that demand communism/socialism/nationalism soon find themselves even more oppressed than when they had a monarch. They forget that the centralizing of power ends up in the hands of a few no more trustworthy of power than a czar. Speaking of which, isn't it interesting that the heads of government bureaus are referred to as 'czars' without any negative connotation associated with the term? Socialism just changes the czars, it doesn't get rid of the power structure.

Only a nation founded upon the individual and inalienable rights of the people with a government of limited power has a chance of enjoying the fruits of liberty.


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