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“Among the several cloudy appellatives which have been commonly employed as cloaks for misgovernment, there is none more conspicuous in this atmosphere of illusion than the word Order.”

~ Jeremy Bentham

The Book of Fallacies, 1824

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Mike, Norwalk

(-; I like it ;-) The statist theocracy that infests this land revels in the judicial criminality that formulates the meaning of evil as good, and good as evil, that defines darkness as light, and light as darkness, that puts bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter, and sets forth chaos' illusionary atmosphere as order.

J Carlton, Calgary

Yes, "order" is the banner under which many laws of control are implemented. Now, in this day and age the word "security" is the new banner under which we lose more and more of our freedoms and liberties. The only people who are more secure...are in the White House and they don't give a damn about us taxpaying sheep.

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RBESRQ    4/6/10

Perhaps the other two words should be "New" and "World" Do not become the subject of other peoples rubbish - free yourself from these thoughts and allow the creative self to expand.

jim k, Austin

As to "order" the term "Law and Order" comes to mind. In 1969 when Nixon was running for president he was concerned about drugs and law and order. He drastically increased the so called war on drugs, set up the DEA and increased the number of drug agents by about a hundred fold at a cost of about $70 billion per year of taxpayer money. The results are in on this unwinnable war. Corrupted law enforcement agencies and judges, more crime in our streets, jails full of non-violent people, drugs cheaper and more available to children, and a host of other problems plagueing our nation, and our politicians haven't the guts to stop it. Check out for more information on this horror known as The War on Drugs.

cal, lewisville, tx

You are right Jim K. The 18th ammendent of our constitution was just a joke and so is this war on drugs. What a person does to himself is his business, but public tax money should never go to him when he hits bottom.

Waffler, Smith

Order is the entire purpose of government whether it is misgovernment or good government. I don't think it is a cloudy apellative at all. Thus while he is seemingly correct his sentence structure requies me to deduct a few stars.

Jimmy, Tampa

Ranks up there with James and Madison,, Personal freedoms are being eliminated for "our own protection" Order is the fallacy.

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Anon    4/8/10
Robert, Somewhere in Europe

I agree with my past name RBESRQ (this use to be my name on this site - whoever pinched it, you are more than welcome to it!)

Robert, Somewhere in Europe

The House of Commons also comes to mind: Order, Order, the chair would shout..... when the benches got rowdy...

dr hamid ibrahim, kuala lumpur

one of the best writers - we do not have persons jeremey bentham nowadays

Editor, Liberty Quotes

Robert, yes, the post from RBESRQ was posted by you in 2010, no one has "pinched it." Cheers.


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