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“The truth which makes men free is for the most part the truth which men prefer not to hear.”

~ Jim Bishop

The Day Lincoln Was Shot

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J Carlton, Calgary

This is a sad, but all too true reflection of sheeple. And if you are aware of the truth (evil in governance) and choose to live a life that contravenes that truth...you are a radical!.

Mike, Norwalk

J Carlton, I'm with you; Also, personal responsibility is abandon, in mind and heart, for the safety of the herd - truth becoming an agitator to natural law's disobedient.

jim k, austin

Kudos to J Carlton and Mike. The Pelosi gang of thugs and misfits in Washington are not interested in hearing anything that disagrees with them are is even close to truth. Their motto is,shut up and vote our way.

cal, lewisville, tx

Those supporting "Obama Care" are telling us not to worry-we'll take good care of you. Only an idiot would not know the truth to that!

E Archer, NYC

It takes Courage to accept Truth. It is an ongoing process for everyone. It's called growing up...

Daniel Johnson, Gig Harbor, Washington

There are two truths which most men are loath to hear: 1. That our federal government, and the rich and powerful men directing it behind the scenes, are corrupt beyond imagination. 2. That we are each individually responsible for who and what we are. Political freedom lies in embracing the truth of the first. Personal freedom lies in embracing the truth of the second.

J Carlton, Calgary

Daniel, very well said.

christina, Florence, OR

Well said!! It doesn't change truth if we don't like it. Truth is truth is truth - it is objective and is not controlled by any majority. Maybe only one person in million has discovered it but it is still there, unchanging.


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