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“If you are afraid to speak against tyranny, then you are already a slave.”

~ John "Birdman" Bryant

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muttkat, aransas pass,tx

I think this is a very good quote. There are various people who have learned about whats to happen in this nation yet sit there with their thumbs up their butt or are afraid to say something.Just irritates the hell out of me.

catdaddy, anywhere usa

Bryant is right about most things -- but his spiritual orientation is wrong. In fact, we've been slaves ever since the advent of paper money -- the currency of slaves. Our money system is horribly manipulated by billionaire/'trillionaire bankers who, through the heinous Federal Reserve Act, are able to create credit out of thin air, lend it to the government at interest and in turn use the tax collecters (IRS) to extract it from the middle and working classes. Money was supposed to be "coined" by the U.S. treasury with no interest attached but that hasn't been the case since 1913. The additional hidden tax of inflation erodes the wealth of the middle class and we all end up slaves to mortgages, credit card payments, car payments etc. We are born into debt and die in debt. It is no surprise to Biblical scholars that the perpetrators of this evil are precisely those mentioned in Rev. 2:9 and 3:9. In fact, the entire planet has been scammed by these bankers, and most all of their wealth stolen and transferred into the pockets of the scammers -- including their lying, unscrupulous lesser minions who willingly go along with this plan. All major politicians are pawns -- done what they are told to do. Those who step out of line have their careers ruined or are killed (like JFK). Obama is a socialist/communist in the hands of the hidden masters, the international bankers. This is all leading up to a reprehensible one-world government system ruled over by "the antichrist". I don't have time to lay it all out. Do the research and enlighten yourself. God's word is entirely correct and those who ignore it are doomed to perish. This world is but a testing ground for souls, and knowledge in these tough times is essential.

J Carlton, Calgary

Speak out at every opportunity.

Waffler, Smith

Yep! But before you speak be sure you know what tyranny is. To speak against non-existent tyranny is to be tilting at windmills Don Quixote style.

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RBESRQ    11/16/09

I'm afraid in America it's more a point of ignorance than having the intellect to be afraid. The Government and corporate America uses the threat of Tyranny as a part of their arsenal of the propaganda machine.

Judith, Corrales, NM

It is too late to change things. There would only be massive loss of lives and likely that will be futile. Their army and enforcement power is under their control and paid by us. Soldiers and police are too stupid and brainwashed to know what their oaths mean. We have no power now as the laws are made in spite of us, not as the People decide. We have less freedom to demonstrate than many other countries. Corruption too rampant and it is hard to determine who to trust. They reported Romanian corruption never left after they killed the leader and his family. It is deeply entrenched. That is an example. No one should be trusted. Some people have been able to survive off the grid but a small minority. Our village wants to re-number all the houses as some do not seem to have numbers, they are not in order or cannot be found, and they are concerned if someone had a fire they could not find the house. Ha. They also are concerned not everyone will get counted in the census, or Fed Ex won't be able to find the house to deliver a package. Bet this is a directive to be done in all towns. They will identify everyone and know where everyone lives. No one will be allowed privacy. They have weapons designed to use on our civilian protestors that can destroy their hearing, damage their eyes, and fry their skin. Anyone who is tuned in and exhibits leadership abilities and has a following in protests is hauled off to jail. I have heard that there are some who have been jailed as "terrorists" and will not be heard from again. How would we know? Will it be on NBC or ABC news? CNN or Fox? In 1998, they put me in jail for 34 days with a bogus charge because I spoke out about cityi corruption. Luckily a couple of men with knowledge of the Constitutional and court experience filed a Habeaus Corpus and got me released. No attorney would help me, and the municipal judge wanted her Christmas bonus. Any group that forms will be identified early and broken up with the NSA listening and reading all. Good luck. Maybe each state succeeding from the union is the only chance we have.

Mike, Norwalk

Judith, you should stick around and comment more.

Waffler, Smith

Judith the Census is required by the Constitution as it was originally adopted as was The Postoffice. I would bet that you have never read The Constitution. No one Mike likes your posts, he expresses ignorance of the document constanly.

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    Judith    11/17/09

    Waffler, Let us all reorder our lives for the census. The census now does more than it was originally intended. It invades privacy beyond what it was intended. You might read this web site I found quickly for this response: Why do you feel you have a right to make a slug against Mike? Is this your web site, what are your credentials? What makes you so sure you are the authority or the last word on every opinion here. You would violate the rules on many posts and maybe this web site should establish some to prevent ugly comments like yours.

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      Judith    11/17/09 You might find this link more informative and I suggest both, but this first if you only have time for one about the census, since Waffler believes it is perfectly acceptable since it is required by the Constitution. The point I was trying to make was that the people have a right to their privacy and if I do not want my house number on my house it is my property, and it is no one's business. What law mandates I must replace the dang thing when it falls off the fence post? Having read the link mentioned at the beginning of this message I find that if I refuse to speak about against the tyranny of the format and frequency of the current census then I have lost my chance to speak out and agree to be a slave.

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      Anon    11/20/09

      Judith, you must understand Waffler as the happy slave that he is and learn not to get too excited about his statements. It is obvious it is his own welfare he's concerned with and individual freedom be damned. He is a happy slave who sees wrong as not wanting to be a happy slave like himself. It's in his nature to believe if a majority wants happy serfdom then the minority has no choice but to become serfs even if one chooses that is not for his benefit. Freedom of choice is destroyed and Waffler knows this, he just doesn't care.

      E Archer, NYC

      Talk is cheap -- ACT! Waffler twists the Constitution to his own purposes. Guaranteed he doesn't even understand the Preamble!

      Pedro, Lisboa, Portugal


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      Commenter    3/14/16

      I've seen better quotes.


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