John Dos PassosJohn Dos Passos, (1896-1970) American novelist, historian, critic, artist

John Dos Passos Quote

“Individuality is freedom lived.”

John Dos PassosJohn Dos Passos
~ John Dos Passos

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Arielle, Suawnee


Logan, Memphis, TN

Ambiguous, but I like it.

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EGL, LA    10/5/06

Simple. Nice. Makes freedom something that is vital and alive made possible through intention and action.

E Archer, NYC

Power to the Person.

Dinheiro Fácil, Egypt

Então como é? rediges assuntos extremamente interessantes aqui....

Mike, Norwalk

Being opaque is a nebulous life style ? I like it as I personally define "individuality" and "freedom"

bruski, naples FL

Truth told.

cal, Lewisville, tx

When will it ever happen here again?

Ronw13, Yachats Or

Freedom lived is the ability to walk among slaves.

Mike, Norwalk

(-: Ron, I like it ;-)


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