John DrydenJohn Dryden, (1631-1700) English Poet

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“I am as free as nature first made man, Ere the base laws of servitude began, When wild in woods the noble savage ran.”

John DrydenJohn Dryden
~ John Dryden

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Mike, Norwalk

As a stand alone quote, savage would have to here go through some definitive scrutiny. Noble defining the savage, must then lend itself to a society perceived less developed, such as would have been thought of the American Indian, the Aborigine(s), or any other individual(s) of a more basic (close to the earth or back to nature) life style. I am free with all the inalienable liberty and rights given by the God of Nature at birth. From cradle to grave, the here statist theocracy enslaves the free with its cannons of servitude.

jim k, Austin

Very well said, Mike. And now the entrenched bureaucrats, our "public servents", have become our masters. My first act as your president will be to get rid of the EPA and the Department of Education.

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Anon    3/1/10

I'm as free as nature's god made me, and the only laws I am enslaved to are nature's.

E Archer, NYC

'Noble savage.' I like it.

Bette, Newport

Yes, JK, especially now that education-hisory- is being rewritten to eliminate history of the USA and is becoming a subversive tool for the state...


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