John F. KennedyJohn F. Kennedy, (1917-1963) 35th US President

Questionable John F. Kennedy Quote

“The high office of the President has been used to foment a plot to destroy the American's freedom and before I leave office, I must inform the citizen of this plight.”

John F. KennedyJohn F. Kennedy
~ John F. Kennedy

Questionable: supposedly spoken at a speech at Columbia University on Nov. 12, 1963, 10 days before his assassination. There is no record of this speech.

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Dylan, Kansas

That's a stomach turning quote if ever I read.

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Anon    1/23/09

Stomach turning yes, but once acknowledged as true and digested as such the truth has a way of setting one free. It's a shame most in our nation will never experience that awe inspiring elusive feeling of freedom the facing of and digestion of truth leads one to. I feel sorry for them.

J Carlton, Calgary

Is it any wonder they killed him?

Mike, Norwalk

Agree or disagree with the man, (by way of example - trying to bring back a gold standard) the effect of that statement is one of the main reasons he was assassinated.

jim k, austin

Compared to todays democrats, JFK would be a conservative. He was on to something and had to be killed before he could tell the American people.

Josh M, Brunswick

I had never read (or heard) this quote before. I once thought JFK was a bit overrated, and never really understood the reasons behind his assassination. It is unfortunate that he didn't live long enough to expose the plot he refers to in this quote. Very few Americans today know of the defacto government that use our politicians as puppets. Had JFK lived perhaps the whole country would be a different, freeer place.

A.WOODS, Gloucester

How far we have fallen.

TheMANwithNoName, Tampa, FL USA

I'd like some more details on this. Will have to look up the whole text of the speech... I wonder if it is suppressed.

JRW, Palatine, IL USA

The Columbia University Speech is not in any Kennedy Archives, Kennedy Library or the American Presidency Project. Where is the source document on this quote? If the Tampa MAN finds it, let us know.

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JRW    1/23/09

There was no speech given at Columbia University on November 12th 1963. Check the White House Diary for that day. He was in Washington DC all day. He had very many great quote's, what is the point of making paranoid crap up??????

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FJD    1/23/09

THE RATING IS FOR JRW (not the ficticious nonsense)!!!! I am very disappointed that this site posted this fiction. I am now curious about the veracity of the other materiel on this site.

Editor, Liberty Quotes

It is thanks to our subscribers that the 'veracity' of our quotes is maintained. Thank you for your feedback regarding this quote. We will tag it 'questionable' while we investigate and if it is proven false we will tag it so. Thanks again.

Bob, Chicago

Dear Editor, Don't just "tag it" -- send a PROMINENT CORRECTION in a future email

E Archer, NYC

I've seen this quote a few times. I wouldn't base an entire conspiracy theory on it all by itself, but taken in context with all the other evidence, it would not be hard to believe. Neither would it be hard to believe that there would be no record of the speech either, if in fact it were true. ;-) Given the amount of secrecy and lies surrounding JFK's assassination, it probably is irrelevant. (Therefore, no rating.)

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    Anon    1/24/09

    Doesn't matter if he said it or not. If the words point to the truth, that is what's important. Our President does have the power to "suspend" any or all constitutional rights by declaration of a national emergency with the power of executive order. Executive orders got us into Iraq. Executive orders from King George is why our forefathers had no choice but to fight for their freedom. Jesus condemned the executive orders of the Pharisees and Sadduces and actually said what JFK said though in different words. He warned us of the plot of the antichrist to come before he left us as well. It only makes sense the plight He spoke of which is mirrored in the above quote would have to pertain to the highest offices in the land of any government. This is where evil forces have appeared throughout history. Jesus consistently downplayed his self importance (by words and acts of selflessness) in lieu of the importance of truth conveyed in what He said and did. To me, when He said to his apostles even if you don't believe me believe my works He "carved in stone," so to speak, the importance of words and acts that demonstrate and reveal truth. Too much disagreement occurs about who said what because the man who said it or didn't say it is really unimportant if the words ring true.

    J Carlton, Calgary

    Editor: There was another quote by another President regarding the notion that there was a presence, a power working behind the scenes that must be spoken of only in hushed tones...I wonder can you dig that one up and is it verifiable? It would go to the same idea, that there is indeed a sub rosa government and has been for a very long time.

    Editor, Liberty Quotes

    J Carlton, Woodrow Wilson wrote in his book The New Freedom: "Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men's views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the U.S., in the field of commerce and manufacturing, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it." See

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    RBESRQ    1/25/09

    Now you have the motive for his assassination; along with an arms deal he wouldn't sign, etc. etc.

    TheMAnwithNoName, Tampa, FL USA

    I think somebody's lying here. Note the following, from the Kennedy Library: You can't find it because President Kennedy never gave a speech at Columbia University. Yours truly, Stephen Plotkin Reference Archivist John F. Kennedy Presidential Library >>> "unnamed correspondent" 1/23/2009 4:16 PM >>> I am trying to locate the text of a speech given by President Kennedy on November 12th at Columbia University. It doesn't seem to be among the speeches provided in the online Kennedy Library. Could you suggest another source for this speech ? Audio or text would either be acceptable. Thanks and best regards,

    TheMANwithNoName, Tampa, FL USA

    Anon said, "Doesn't matter if he said it or not. . ." Of course it matters. If the quote is false that is no lesss a deception and conspiracy as if he actually described a true situation. I can give this quote no credence until I know what was the plot which he was [supposedly] describing.

    Mike, Chehalis WA USA

    If there was no speech at Columbia University it appears this quote is a fabrication. Liberty-Quote should send an email retraction to avoid expanding conspiracy stuff regarding JFK. There is already enough of that extant thanks to the Stone's JFK movie. I happen to believe JFK was killed by the CIA because of the Bay of Pigs and his lack of enthusiasm for the Vietnam War, willingness to fund Eisenhower's military industrial complex, but the facts are important and this quote is not sufficiently certain to be circulated.

    Editor, Liberty Quotes

    We categorize quotes in our database as 'Questionable' or 'False' if we have evidence that the quote merits it. This quote has been categorized as 'Questionable.' We cannot possibly email everyone in our list every time we categorize a quote. This is a research tool, please do your own due diligence -- your comments certainly warn people enough of accepting this quote as authentic. That is enough for us. Thank you.

    none dare call it conspiracy, WI. BABYLON

    There was a record of this quite in a book of speeches by JFK. But like all the sayings of a history being lost to a future of change, changing the truth. This book was probably put in the same section in all libraries as the bible. Now lost.

    Kobe Bryant, L.A.

    The powers that be exist. The fact is they flag sites like this. They know what you type and what you say. But i don't think they care because when your power is so great a few out of billions can hardly make a difference.

    Hell Awaits Liars, Los Angeles

    Look up "The Speech that got JFK killed" and you will find the link to audio recordings of part of a speech given by JFK, in 1963, a few months before the assassination. He goes into quite some length talking about secret cabals, secret societies, promoting the power of a small elite against our well being and freedom. There seems NO question these audios were REALLY JFK, and the material is 100% In context with the quote called "Questionable" here. Add to that, the fact, supported by memoranda signed by J. Edgar Hoover, that JFK was in the fight of his life trying to overcome the arrogant and illegal abuse of power by the CIA - plus the fact that almost alone in his government, JFK was the only one talking seriously about pulling us out of Vietnam. Oh Yeah, Barry Goldwater made the same promise when he ran for President in 1964, and look at how his own party conspired against him, to totally ruin whatever chances his candidacy might have had, to defeat Lyndon Johnson, who as we all know, prolonged the Vietnam war for another 5 years, until Nixon came along to prolong it for another 8 years. And what was Obama's latest word on IRAQ?????????? We Americans are such gullible, forgiving fools!!

    Naime, Home
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    Naime, Home Hell Awaits Liars, Los Angeles 3/19/21

    No, you look it up and post a link if you think this BS is remotely true or accurate.   There is no question no speech was made to Columbia U on that date; logically, that means that anything based on a lie (Hoover memo, Goldwater etc) is likewise a lie or 'false'.

    Jim Garrison, Big Easy

    JFK Jr., John-John, was also assassinated, to shut him up, because he was planning to run for President in 2004, and was planning to blow the lid off his dad's assassination, in "George" magazine. According to one version (an unofficial report issued by a former CIA investigator), the conspiracy to murder JFK Jr., included the Bushes, Clintons, and Israel's Mossad.

    PJ, Mass.
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      PJ, Mass.    8/31/09


      Marjorie, Bryan

      JFK, Wilson, Eisenhower have alluded to this shadow government. Eisenhower's farewell speech is a warning. Wilson? He says he has bascially betrayed his country! Nixon's Bohemian Grove youtube speech has been altered. Anyone else catch that? The murder of James Vincent Forrestal because of his opposition to the 1947 partition of Palestine. General Marshall and Admiral Byrd all opposed this action taken by Truman and mostly Democrats. Their predictions have all come true. Today, like they feared, our young men and women would be going to War dying because of this policy! Our past Presidents who attempted to expose the "money changers" were assassinated also or attempts were made to do so.

      Stan, Myrtle Beach

      The quote is wrong. I believe it is "his plight" rather than "this plight". BTW, independent thinkers know there is a conspiracy. Everyone else thinks along with the brainwashed crowd because they're afraid to be called a nut.

      sam barbary, Atlantic City

      Go to the Kennedy Library Archives and in the search box type Kennedy's speech at the Waldorf Astoria. He gave this speech to a bunch of media moguls and that is why he was killed.

      Marie, Savannah

      I think the speech was real, the quote is real. It's not the first record of importance that has pulled a vanishing act. JFK was a good man in a family of snakes.

      Ray C, Visalia

      The quote attributed to JFK from a supposed speech at Columbia, University is definitely not from JFK. The Engish used in no way fits the phraseology unique to any other speeches made by JFK. The quote is poorly worded. Just for the record,I suspect JFK's death was called for by the World bank, and coordinated by the Mafia, FBI and CIA.

      Ray C, Visalia

      There is also the possibility that JFK was planning to get us out of the Viet Nam war, which would be a huge blow to the World Bank, which finances wars at interest rates as high as 30 %. JFK had 4 billion dollars+ printed up, backed up by our silver and gold supply. Thats why you don't hear a lot of politicians calling for an end to the World Bank. It gets you killed.

      Art, SF
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        Art, SF    3/25/11

        He was onto The CIA in It's drug dealing's that it was doing here in the US to support MJ 12 Which Are in Contact With Alien's and have became a institution that Supercedes Our very own Goverment!

        Voice of Reason, Ontop of the Soap box

        This never happened. It is much more likely to paste an important name after your own quote than it is to remove the printed words of a president from all possible sources. Search for yourself, it is not out there, not in the archives or anywhere else. This should be up/downgraded to FALSE and the rest of you should focus your efforts on fixing our problems instead of fixating on questionable quotes.

        STU, Stbg Pa.

        J.F.K. s E.O.11110 speech is asking for the public's help due to powers that were soon to control the world, we are in the eye of the storm at present .In the end Kennedy gave his life by revealing the truth to the world.

        LDM, OKC
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          LDM, OKC    6/14/12

          I think that either (1) the quote was invented, (2) or that all traces of it were gotten rid of even before the assassination. Anyway, there's simply too much evidence that points to a cover up by proponents of a banker lead socialist one world government. The existence of such a group is certain as David Rockefeller and others have admitted and the evidence is irrefutable that it is the reason that the Federal Reserve and the United Nations were founded. These people are powerful enough that they can get anything done that they want and it's this power that FDR said should not be spoken of above a whisper.

          Ranger Rob, USA

          Go to JFK,The Federal Reserve and Executive order 11110 tells you all

          Rose, Texas, Texas

          I think it is true, whether time and place is right or not. It is in keeping with VERY much about Joe, John, and Bobby.
          The Illuminati had a "Closing its doors of operation" episode on CBS "60 Minutes" during the Clinton years, claiming it had completed its mission of benevolence and the govt could manage on its own quite well.
          JFK, Agnew, and Reagan were the only ones up into Reagan's term that did not and never did belong to that organization.
          politicians and others have lots of reasons these days to be in denial about all of this. JFK and Bobby both clearly showed they had something a lot heavier than Marilyn Monroe on their minds in those days.
          And clearly there is a reason that Toady Chappaquiddick caved to far more Liberal powers instead of living to make his brothers proud of him. Politically speaking.


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