Sir John HaringtonSir John Harington, (1560-1612) English courtier, wit, poet and satirist, inventor of the flush toilet

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“Treason doth never prosper, what's the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it Treason.”

Sir John HaringtonSir John Harington
~ Sir John Harington

Epigrams, Book iv. Ep. 5.

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E Archer, NYC


Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

As long as it is not prospering we tend to abide and suffer it as in the Alaskan Independence Party of which Mr. Palin was a member. Ever heard of an American who is irrationally concerned about which state her/his child is born in. Sarah was adamant that her child be born in Alaska rather than one of the other 49 states. She is Alaska first America second, I think that is treasonous thinking. Since we are sending her and Todd back to the bush we can forget about her treasonous mentality.

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RBESRQ    11/4/08

Excellent! Prescot Bush understood this well - if it was earlier days he would be in the Tower.

Mike, Norwalk

Tis the season of calling evil good, and good evil, darkness light, and light darkness; bitter sweet, and sweet bitter, and that which is lawful, moral, and right treasonous and that which is treasonous lawful, moral, and right!

Logan, Memphis, TN

Before the Civil War, that's exactly what people identified themselves with; in fact, society at large didn't even have an idea of being a citizen of the "United States". It was the 14th Amendment that changed all of that. Are you considering over 70 years of people in American history "traitors" Waffler? Really? Evil and ignorance often share a common thread, and to now I've only placed you as ignorant -- please tell me it's just ignorance and not evilness that fuels the supporters of Obama. Also, because of my disdain for Obama, don't be so naive as to believe that I'm in McCain's camp. That's yet another problem with America: People believe that if you're not with one campaign, you're instantly for his rival. Problem is, both candidates are in the shit-house, and the smell is reeking across America.

A.WOODS, Gloucester

Waffler, the other day you advocated denying individuals their freedom simply because you don't share their views ( Today you're saying that preferring one state over another for reasons you happen to consider irrational is treasonous. I'm grateful that your power in these matters is limited to posting gibberish on web forums and your vote.

A.WOODS, Gloucester

Also, I like this quote very much.

steph, melrose

it dosnt make sense very much

bobby, garden

i really really like that quote

Peter, Ceret

Very true

David S. McQueen, Katy, TX

If an evil act is beneficial to some entity, the beneficiary wouldn't deign to call it evil. Doesn't modern liberalism, under the guise of "egalitarianism", advocate restricting some people so that others may propser? That's not leveling the playing field, it's tilting the playing field toward a favored group(s). That's the hypocrisy of 21st century liberalism.

Mary, MI
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Mary, MI    10/1/18

This truly is a very wise and excellent quote from the late Sir John Harrington.

L and A
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L and A    12/6/18

I really like the quote of the wonderful inventor of the water closet Sir John Harrington!


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