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“The Internal Revenue Service is everything the so-called tax protesters said it was; nonresponsive, unable to withstand scrutiny, tyrannical, and oblivious to the rule of law and the U.S. Constitution.”

~ Joseph Banister

quoted by Sarah Foster, The Power to Destroy, IRS Special Agent Challenges System, WORLDNETDAILY, March 26, 1999

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Mike, Norwalk

self incrimination, innocent until proven guilty, confiscations without due process, a non-governmental entity committing larceny under pretense of being a governmental entity, is an extremely small start to a very!, Very!!, VERY!!!, long list.

J Carlton, Calgary

I've always wondered how anyone could work for the IRS and still sleep at night. Still prtend that they are human beings...

Waffler, Smith

All the quotes today are by jerks. The IRS employs approx 90,000 of your neighbors and fellow citizens. Some stay for a few years, some stay for a life time. The best way to sell a book and make a nice profit is to attack the IRS. That is what this no account guy did. That is why he is a jerk. And those he read and suck up to these book writers are saps.

Mike, Norwalk
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Mike, Norwalk Waffler, Smith 4/19/23

Waffler, those approximately 90,000 IRS employees you speak of that infiltrate neighborhoods as fellow citizens are simply Benedict Arnolds multiplied (traitors, tyrants, malefactors and law breakers all - walk amongst us). Your claim that the 2nd Plank of the Communist Manifesto is the authority to enslave once individual sovereigns with inalienable rights at liberty under nature's law is a traitorous lie. Your claim that the government / IRS owns the labors of We The People (individually and in concert) is also a declaration diametrically opposed to individual sovereignty, inalienable rights, liberty, nature's law, peace and prosperity.

E Archer, NYC

C'mon Waffler, admit it, you made your living helping the IRS. You never produced a thing, did you, only spent a career imposing unlawful taxation upon people and businesses. Talk about a sap. Banister is an honorable man who has written extensively on the subject -- and despite attempts to imprison him for tax evasion or whatever, they haven't been able to find any criminal act to pin on him. He's clean, and the IRS is a scam and was established to guarantee to the Fed the payment of interest on the Federal Reserve Notes that were used as currency once real money (gold) was declared illegal by FDR. Waffler, you are a shill.

libertyjack, anytown, uSofA

Joe Banister is a modern day hero. A Fed trial in San Francisco resulted in ALL 12 jurors found him NOT GUILTY of the 'crimes' he was charged with. He has gone all around this country for over ten years asking that someone somewhere SHOW HIM THE LAW that requires people to pay a Fed Income Tax. Waffler is ignorant!

Logan, Memphis, TN

I've met and talked with Joe Banister, and the guy is as sincere, good natured, and honest as they come. Un-employing 90,000 IRS agents may be the best thing that could currently happen to this country.

Mann, Kalamazoo

The clear words Bannister uses to characterize the IRS must also be applied to Congress, the White House and the Federal Courts. ALL REQUIRE BASIC REFORM. Constitutional contempt didn't start with the IRS and percolate upwards into our highest councils. Plumbing principle #1: feces doesn't flow uphill. Tyranny is simply another tool Rulers use to massage their personal desires. The tyrannized ALWAYS ALLOW their own debasement - usually because of some inherently worthless, dogmatic conviction. Joe Bannister has always struck me as a seeker and purveyor of essential truth, a great American. I salute him.

J Carlton, Calgary

Poor brainwashed he can't see what an absolutely anti-American jerk he and his 90,000 "neighbors and fellow citizens" are. A carefully selected crew of self serving sociopaths living among us would be more accurate.

jim k, Austin, Tx

J Carlton is right on about Waffler.

Fredrick William Sillik, Anytown

The departments of  America and the citizens of America need to realize they must together work for what is the interest of America. All for one, one for all.


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