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“This manual of the Communist Party should be in the hands of every loyal American, that they may be alerted to the fact that it is not always by armies and guns that a nation is conquered.”

~ Kenneth Goff

in his book, "THE SOVIET ART OF BRAINWASHING - A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psycho-politics"

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Nancy, Sierra Madre

If one should doubt Goff's booklet, then one should do the research himself by Marx, Lenin and others of same ilk. You may be surprized?

Amy, Lancaster, PA

Goff is right! we should never be afraid or repulsed by learning the ways of our enemies. We must learn them so we will know when they are among us- and stop them.

Anonymous, courtenay bc

so true.. not only for every america, how bout everyone.

MIke, Norwalk

Not just the manual and manifesto but, the Magna Carta, the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution with Amendments, as well as religious influencing literature (from Atheism to Zen) along with the related histories and consequences, etc., etc., etc. Loyal Americans should also be alerted as to the laws of nature and of nature's God so that an honest comparison could be made.

J Carlton, Calgary

Here's one interpretation of how the 10 planks of the communist manifesto are working in the US...

jim k, austin

Marx and Lenin would rejoice if they could see what is taking place in our government today, and for the past many years.

David Ben-Ariel, Toledo

Emperor Obama, the president usurper, the fraud and foreigner who has yet to prove he is a natural born American citizen (as required by our Constitution), has the media under delusions of his grandeur, and a horde of useful idiots ready to mislead and deceive the masses in their immoral crusade for "change" that will destroy us all.

Thymos, Reforma

Keneth Goff is not the author of the booklet ("THE SOVIET ART OF BRAINWASHING A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics A Must-Read for all Americans). He's just introducing it. There is a whole history on it which might be interesting to know, now that Michael Jackson and Heath Ledger, and even Marilyn Monroe and Vivian Leigh have perished by the use of psychiatric drugs' iatrogenic adverse effects, "legailly" administered.

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RBESRQ    7/14/09

Mike be alert to your self before all others - Communism and and unabated capitalism are bedfellows. Remember the Arms we paid for with dope - amazing we have such short memories. Americans were and still are brainwashed by the need to buy happiness, by the government, and by religion. We must have SUV's, a big house, WalMart, and unlimited credit. We don't need the Communist Manifesto to make us alert - we are already being taken over without armies and guns by the banks and corporate America - in actual fact the communist party could have learned many lessons from Capitalist America. I thought Obama would be different but alas he too has succumb to powers beyond the White House. Emperor Bush, who went to war on lies and invaded another sovereign state, and started the ball rolling with the bail-out plan, is just another Emperor in a long line of President's who have changed their title and usurped the power from the people. We will soon fall to the inevitable demise of the American Empire where food, utilities, taxe's, insurance, health care, mortgage payments, cars payments and credit card debt will be luxuries - where will we find the money to pay for just the bare essentials of life; we make/produce nothing; the stock market is built on sand; and, all it will take is one major storm to wash it all away. Oh yes, we should first look at our own history before turning to the pages of the Communist Party Manual. By trying to print our way out of debt we will make further debt. Germany tried this in the thirties and look what happened - will we suffer the same demise and use Illegal aliens, gays, atheists and other minority groups as an excuse for fascism - America has a long history of supporting right wing dictators so why not its very own...

Mike, Norwalk

Robert, what do you mean by Capitalist America? Capitalism is ruled by law thus, not qualifying for the government induced and ruled economy of the USA.

James E. Lockwood, C.Ht, San Jose, CA

Communism and MONOPOLY Capitalism are the same; as proof of this recall that Communists always announce their intention to destroy the middle class; Not the billionaire conspiratorial elite ruling class! Marx coined the word 'Capitalism' so as to replace the words, Free Enterprise. 'Capitalism' was a word that Marx could use to arouse blind hatred in those who had been influenced by his Socialist sophistry. I like the way that The John Birch Society defines extreme left wing and extreme right wing. Robert Welch said, "What really counts is not the label that is put on the government but the size of government." Therefore extreme left wing consists of those who want total government control and extreme right wing consists of those who want no government or anarchy. That means that the 'moderate middle' consists of those who want limited government. Former communist Kenneth Goff reprinted his communist training manual and gave it the title: BRAINWASHING. In one of the chapters the word 'hypnotism' is used 19 times. Elsewhere in the book the communist writer refers to hypnotism as, 'Our Art.' Pavlov said that conditioned reflexes and hypnotism are the same! To see what can be done with hypnotism go to and search for NLP.

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    RBESRQ    7/15/09

    Mike, don't mince words - the American way (philosophy) is based on Capitalism.

    E Archer, NYC

    I found a link to the pamphlet here:
    BTW, the 'American way' is Liberty, not 'capitalism' or 'democracy' -- it is based on the inalienable rights of mankind, period. There is no capitalism without capital -- and currently, the nation is in complete debt, i.e. without its own capital. Capitalism died with the monopoly of the Fed's fiat currency -- it ain't capitalism, it is economic servitude to the central banks -- i.e. totalitarian oligarchy. Wake up, folks.

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      RBESRQ    7/16/09

      Capitalism is the hook and debt the reality.

      EARW, brooklyn

      You realize that Kenneth Goff is just a pseudonym for L Ron Hubbard (meaning this is fiction), right?

      James E. Lockwood, C.Ht, San Jose, CA

      Not true! I tape recorded Kenneth Goff in Oakland California and bought his book on the same night that Goldwater was campaigning there. The Communist author of the book mentioned Hubbard's name but I don't know why Hubbard would claim that he wrote the book. I have a copy of pages 530 and 531 from the hearings by the House Committee on Un-American Activities (HCUA not HUAC) in which I quote, "One of the witnesses who appeared before the Special Committee on Un-American Activities in 1939 was Kenneth Goff, of Delavan, Wis. "Goff was a member of the Communist Party and also of the Young Communist League until the day that he appeared as a witness before the Special Committee on Un-American Activities." I wonder if it was a communist that planted the false information in Wikipedia. Sometime in the early years of The John Birch Society there was cooperation with Goff's anti-Communist school until the JBS learned that Goff believed that Jews were behind Communism. Goff believed that because when he was in the Party he observed that Jews were given special privileges. He did not realize that the purpose was to get more Jews to join so as to make it appear that the Jews were indeed in control of the Communist Party. In 1948 Goff wrote a small booklet with the title, "I was Lenin's Agent in which he stated, "We were always told that eventually we would be able to sell slave labor goods in the United States and around the world so as to destroy the economy of the United States.

      Emily, Colo. Spgs.

      Unfortumatly, he is absolutely right!! America is becoming communist without a shot being fired. Everyone seems to be reading the manual of the Communist Party - the media. Don't let the government and the media get ahold of your mind and suck you in. Stand up for the liberties that were set in the Constitution by our founding fathers. They created it for a reason, and many lost everything creating it.

      Craig Bashaw, Onalaska Wa.

      I have a copy of Confessions Of Stalin's Agent good shape and complete if interested; Scary

      Mike, Norwalk

      Robert, there has been NO semblance of capitalism since at least 1913. Capitalism is a laissez faire operation based on "capital" - which is a tangible money with intrinsic value. An economic system based of debt / credit is outside the definition and legal boundaries of Capitalism. Capitalism is an operation at natural law. The current economic / legal system exists at "legal positivism". The two are incompatible. One world bankers usurped the concept of profit and instilled in the minds of the ignorant that profit equals capitalism - it does NOT ! ! ! It is crony-capitalism that fills the ledgers of current accountants red side of the page.

      E Archer, NYC

      Like Lockwood has said, Capitalism is a word created to roll up all the 'evils' of liberalism into a single enemy. What we are talking about is TRADE. And there is tremendous wealth in skimming the cream of every single trading transaction that ever takes place -- this is what makes Kings and Czars, taking a piece of everyone's labors as his own. The enemy was not Capitalism but Monarchy -- not the same thing. Controlling trade and taxing it is the racket of the ruling class. It's been going on for eons, and the pressure never stops to continue grabbing more and more power.


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