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“Each day, it seemed, another law was passed to impoverish and diminish them, punishing them for whatever success they achieved and rewarding their less competent and industrious neighbors.”

~ L. Neil Smith

Pallas, 46 (Tor 1993)

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J Carlton, Calgary

I can easily relate this quote to so many things I see today, but it would be interesting to know the context in which this was said or written.

Mike, Norwalk

Ahhh yes, welcome to the new Amerika, occupied by a socialist enriched statist theocracy. J Carlton, me too

E Archer, NYC

And remember that these so-called 'laws' are written by fellow citizens with no more rights than anyone else but hide under the guise of 'law' to legitimize their criminal acts.

jim k, Austin, Tx

My favorite L.Neal Smith quote is this one: "Government is a disease masquerading as it's own cure".


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