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“With the monetary system we have now, the careful saving of a lifetime can be wiped out in an eyeblink.”

~ Larry Parks

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E Archer, NYC

If our savings haven't been taken already, they will be in the not too distant future...

Ben, Orem, UT

That's what I am worried about.

Bryan Morton, Stuart, Florida

Too late. The dollar which grampa earned and saved is worth a nickel today. Kind of makes producing and saving an exercise in futility.

jim k, austin

Cheer up, you kill joys,don't you know that Obama is going to save the day and the check's in the mail. It only makes sense that when a country is up to it's ears in red ink to spend another 800 billion or so. Happy days are here again, comrads.

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Anon    2/9/09

An eyeblink being the time it takes to push the "enter" key, which opens up a whole new line of thought. If they can "lose" 2 trillion in 2001, it's certainly possible one might go to withdraw from his account and oops, somehow his money got lost!

Waffler, Smith

Blessed are the nonsavers for they cannot be wiped out. The Buffets, Gates, and Trumps must be shaking in their boots. I am being facetious above of course. The biggest wipe outs have been from white collar theives, like Madoff, and corporate scandals like Enron and World Com. Maybe we should give the death penalty or life without parole for these folks similar to the penalties we give kids that rob convenience stores. Is this guy not only the President but the one and only member of FAME. I will google him and his org and report back.

Waffler, Smith

Yeah he has something going called Fight for Honest Monetary Weights and Measures.

Bryan Morton, Stuart, Florida

What's missing is a definition of money as a medium of exchange and an objective assessment of the positive and negative attributes of various substances in fulfilling that role. One positive attribute is a relatively fixed value relative to other goods and services. Precious metals fulfill that role well. Consider, for example, that one ounce of gold will still purchase about the same goods or services today that it would in the late 1800s. A negative attribute is the ease in which a medium of exchange can be manipulated, such as in counterfeiting. Legitimately or illegitimately is irrelevant. The result is still a gain for those who expand the supply and a loss for those use the inflated medium. Honest money should be a measure of value. Just like one cup of flour should always be no more or no less. If you went to the butcher shop only to discover that a pound of meat, which was 16 ounces two weeks ago, and 14 ounces last week, was 12 ounces this week, you would call him a thief and rightly so. It should be the same when the Fed creates and devalues currency. Precious metals are still being discovered and mined, but there's much more capital, (time, energy and equipment), expended in that process than there is at the Fed's presses and much less precious metals found than dollars printed, which is why the value of the dollar has declined relative to gold. It took only $20 to buy an ounce of gold in the 1800s. Today you must have about $900 to buy that same ounce. As I said, it's not that the value of gold has risen relative to other goods and services, but that the value of the dollar has fallen. It'll be that way until alchemy becomes a reality.

Ken, Allyn, WA

"And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand. A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny..." Seems like somebody else likes honest weights, measures, and money too.




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Jeff, Fairfield

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Ron Moss, Tacoma

"Congress cannot abdicate it's duty and delegate it to another group" U.S. Supreme Court. Schecter Poultry Corp. v US 295 US 405 1935. Google "Federal Reserve fraud" How do you amend without amending? Has it ever been amended? It states "Congress shall have power to coin money and regulate the value thereof".


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