Leon BlumLeon Blum, (1872-1950) Prime Minister of France

Leon Blum Quote

“A free man is he who does not fear to go to the end of his thought.”

Leon BlumLeon Blum
~ Leon Blum

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Anonymous, grantsville

this is a very true and meaningful quote!

Mike, Norwalk

I agree if that end does not infringe on another's right.

Jack, Salt Lake City

Variation: A religious free agent is one who is not afraid to think outside the box of his own theology.

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RBESRQ    1/9/10

Thought is always free - its not man's thought that makes him free its his ability to live freely without fear in the moment.

E Archer, NYC

I think so, but to be free is more than being able to think freely -- even a prisoner may go to the end of his thoughts.


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