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“Terrorism is the war of the poor. War is the terrorism of the rich.”

~ Leon Uris

_Trinity, a Novel of Ireland_, 1976

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Greg Aldous, Sydney

This quote is spot on, sums up what we see everywhere around the world right now and the hypocrisy of the US and Israeli governments.

Logan, Memphis, TN

Very well said. It is estimated that 9/11 only cost approx. $150,000 to accomplish. That's probably the most influential $150k that has ever been spent. The idea that terrorists will gain and unleash WMDs is overwhelming accepted within the political science departments as a facade and scare tactic. This is because terrorists can produce just as much fear by spending $200 for a bomb jacket and a free suicide bomber to kill 200 people, as they can to spend $200k for a low-grade WMD that will kill the exact same amount of people and create the exact same amount of fear. Hmmm... $200 vs $200,000 to create the exact same results? I wonder what the terrorists will stick with?

J Carlton, Calgary

Terrorism is the tool being used to control free people. The question is, who is using it?

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

Awfully simplistic. Editor maybe this is a reason longer quotes may be more desireable. Terrorism is the war of folks who cannot get their way at the ballot box. War by free people is generally less an option than it is in a strong man dictatorial society where the strong man must always show new "successes" to look good.

E Archer, NYC

Simple but true.

warren, olathe

Terrorist will gladly use wmd's as soon as a country gives them some. You’re a fool if you think they won't.

Will, Dallas, TX

Spoken like a true Socialist.

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    Anonymous    4/7/09

    Yes, it is. And no, Will, I'm not a socialist.

    DanielVincentKelleyOnYoutube, Newport Vermont

    The FBI creates 1/2 of the terror crimes they solve by agent provocateur. 9/11 was an inside job attributable mostly to the CIA. The Palestine "Liberation" Organization (PLO) was in bed with Israeli leadership, providing Israel excuses to boost their military budget, part of which through the mossad was spent to keep Arafat and his PLO bureaucrats slaving to Israel's whim. The finger prints of each nations intelligence agencies are all over every of the massive kill terror operations. Just like Hitler ordered his troops to dress in Polish uniform and burn down the Reichstag, Bush had 15 Saudi's recruited to act as terrorist hijackers on 9/11. The 7/7 bomb plot in Britain was MI6. The Pakistani Mumbai bombing was ISI. The recent Israeli supposed attempted shooting of Palestinian shooters at the Egyptian border was Mossad. Loughner was an Obama agent tasked to terminate Judge Roll who found a case against the Obama administration the week before. Breivik was a Norway spy son of a diplomat who the cops called out to by name when they arrived to the island mass shooting scene. McVeigh was military intelligence. The list goes on and on of terror operations that were ordered, funded, carried out by agents of the government of the nations in which those supposed "terror" actions occurred. Really though, they were less to terrify the governments of those nations and more so to confuse the people at large into accepting foreign enemies.

    DanielVincentKelleyOnYoutube, Newport Vermont

    According to Rumsfeld, announced on September 10th, 2001, $2.3 TRILLION dollars was unaccounted for in the Pentagon budget, money that was spent in just the year leading upto 9/11. Mind you that was announced on 9/10/2001, then 9/11 occurred the next day and in 1 day ALL the records that might have revealed what that money was spent on, were exploded by the disasters at building 7 of the WTC, OBVIOUSLY controlled demolished and the only other copy of those records turned to ash at the Pentagon when the "terrorists" blew up the accounting wing at the pentagon, how convenient. This notion advanced above by Logan from TN, that 9/11 cost just $150,000 is nonsense. It probably cost $150,000 per journalist that was bought to go along with the coverup. That would explain the missing 2,300,000,000,000. Incidently, that's 1,000,000 X 2,300,000 = 2,300,000,000,000 Then the question is raised by these scoundrel media wh*res, how would it possibly all be kept quiet. Yeh, right, while then the government claimed the right to assassinate anybody they labeled a terrorist. How convenient. Clinton having signed into law the ability for convicts to enter the military, it'd be some great surprise that the federal government could find unethical people, skilled enough at murder to silence anybody who doesn't just take the cash and shut up.

    DanielVincentKelleyOnYoutube, Newport Vermont

    So, this quote would be better something like: "Terrorism, bought by the rich, is then used to drag nations to war, An even uglier terrorism the rich then bank on."

    cal, lewisville, tx

    Very interesting comments. Very informative.

    Mike, Norwalk

    Waffler, we know you can't be that stupid, but who ever comes up with you're double speak has to be. A democracy is a strong arm tyrant of the biggest, most powerful, and greatest despotism - such being the poster child of your "strong man dictatorial society". When democracy is 2 wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner, how does the lamb get its way at the ballot box? By always showing a new "successes" to look good means, the 2 wolves need to find a single lamb to vote with daily (that sounds a lot like the occupying statist theocracy that infests this land's war policy). (-; the quote is quite catchy - I like it ;-)

    J Carlton, Calgary

    Uris was quoted from a book written about Ireland and in reference to the IRA in particular. His reference is to the branding of Republicans wanting a free nation as being "terrorists". And it may be so when we look at their tactics...the tactics of the poor...

    J. B. Wulff, Bristol, CT

    Our Revolutionary War was not a terrorist operation although we didn't always do the staged field battles that were often the case in Europe. Please, don't argue with "staged." They were real and brutal, but they did line up in a pretty formal way facing each other across a field of battle and folks did come out from the city to watch them from a vantage point and bring "picnic lunches" with all the fixin's, etc. Technology, all too often fed by the military led us to what has been called total war of which WWII was the best and worst example. The power of the atomic bomb brought us face to face with the possibility of wiping out our species on the planet. We haven't sorted that out yet. We don't do "duck and cover drills" where students hide under their desks any more. We are thankful that another A-bomb has not been used in 66 years and WMD has become the scarey threat of our time. The conspiracy school evidenced in some of the comments is a troubling idea for me. I've looked at some of the videos on You Tube showing the signs of conspiracy in the events of 9/11 and I'm at a loss. I'm left with the quote that goes something like: "Treason doth never prosper. What's the reason? If it prosper, none dare call it treason." The right amount of Scotch and I will get some sleep. Just bought a jug of Ballantine's today. I prefer Glenlivet, just not when I'm thirsty.

    warren, olathe

    What a crock! Uber rich Saudis finance terrorism. Drug trafficking finances terrorism. Nobody poor does it. The poor are only propagandized into being the tools of the rich terrorists. That is why they are kept ignorant and illiterate. Makes them easy marks.

    Fredrick William Sillik, Anytown

    No terrorism is the guidance of the sane.


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