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“We will all be better citizens when voting records of our Congressmen are followed as carefully as scores of pro-football games.”

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Bob Trapp, Salem, WI

Very well said! That concept needs to be carried over to ALL elected officials at all levels-- local, state, AND federal.

Mike, Norwalk

(-; yep ;-)

Bryan Morton, Stuart, FL

I know lots of folks who can tell you sports statistics all day, but don't even know their elected representatives. We're easily distracted and politicians know it, which is one way they get away with the things they do.

J Carlton, Calgary

Sports, Reality shows and shock news...Prozac for the masses.

jim k, austin

AMEN !!! Another idea would be to publish the rulings of judges, especially those federal judges who are appointed for life. Some, if not most of these guys, are real numbskulls.

Me Again
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    Me Again    6/18/08

    I agree with this quote but would it ultimately change anything as our system is presently functioning ? Do not our elected officials vote as special interests have them vote ? I think that change will come when the "special interests" of our elected officials becomes the special interests of WE...The People and I believe That can be achieved. I think that Dialogue is the first step.Also,sites such as this site are very beneficial.To have some Honest American collect the ideas of all Americans expressed on sites such as this site and formulate a plan of action and present that to The People for editing,feedback and approval.

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    RobertSRQ    6/18/08

    Excellent! let's do it... Now Charlie Crist wants to drill in the Gulf - O how easy politicians change their stance - I know, there's many more examles.

    Anonymous, Kansas City MO

    I have read wonderful quotes by Lou Erickson, but have never been told when he/she lived or died, and what he/she did for a living. Can you give me that information? mgriff@everestkc.com

    E Archer, NYC

    With the internet, people are becoming more aware and more involved. Of course we are still suckers for Bread and Circuses...

    Dave Wilbur

    To muse is to think; amuse is no think. Amusements inhibit thinking. Actors, entertainers, ball players, hockey players, journalists, novelists, cartoonists, pornographers, evangelists, bank employees, casino employees and countless government drones are rewarded (not paid) with much paper money to keep us and themselves from thinking about who had the paper first and what did they give for it to whom?

    F.M. SWEENEY, Hamilton On.

    Allowing anyone and everyone to vote is indeed insane ....perhaps, a basic intelligence test, for the PRIVLEGE to vote should be a requirement.

    Ken, Allyn, WA

    I've thought the same thing for a long time F.M. Maybe the number of votes one has should be based on the amount of tax paid; let's say one vote for every 10,000 dollars.


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