Marcus Tullius CiceroMarcus Tullius Cicero, (106-43 B.C.) Roman Statesman, Philosopher and Orator

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“Endless money forms the sinews of war.”

Marcus Tullius CiceroMarcus Tullius Cicero
~ Marcus Tullius Cicero

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Terry Berg, Occidental, CA

Trite but true.

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Anonymous    2/8/05

It might of been true then, and it certainly is a good reflection on many worldly events since.

Marie, Downey

Great Quote

Robert, Sarasota

Without an endless stream of money there would be no war so sinews are a very conservative example. RBE

jodopo, Canada

Well said, Sarasota Bob! No money - no war!

E Archer, NYC

Indeed, as it is the central bankers that fund the wars in the first place -- the rest is just the propaganda neeeded to convince the masses to yell, "Bomb ;em, bomb 'em!!"

Mike, Norwalk

No mon no fun, politicos can't wag the dog without the endless supply.

warren, olathe

War is sought to increase the power and/or the wealth of the instigator. Power being the main objective. Money brings power and power brings money, but power is the most seductive.

Paul, Union, WA

As a son of a career army officer with 7 yr in the USAF myself before I quit for good, I saw then and I see now that the bloated US military forces of today serve as a big-govt jobs-program, despite the patriotic claims by enlistees. I can't tell you how many times I was told "this is a steady paycheck, so reenlist!" "You won't make it on the outside!" This symbiotic arrangement between military jobs and big govt serves as a huge voter-base in favor of continued big govt (whatever party makes no difference) and WAR. Who would ever vote themselves out of a job? -- not your average sailor, soldier or airman! Besides, the mindset of most military personnel is that we need this wealth-consuming monster for "peace!", for "freedom!" (nebulous, undefined terms that normally accompany the bullying and interfering with other nation's internal affairs. King George Bush is spending a billion a week in Iraq. Do you think this money comes from goldminers digging up new gold from the hills? No, it is fiat currency, cranked out from a printing press or simply created on a computer screen. It is the HIDDEN TAX, it steals that money under your mattress and they didn't even have to break into your house. But time to end my rant and get back to work.

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chonghua    10/10/07
Ken, Allyn, WA

So, the key to peace is being poor? I seem to recall there was a World War that started during the not-so-Great Depression. It is not endless money that is the sinew of war; it is endless greed.

J Carlton, Calgary

End the Fed. End the problem.

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Robken    6/1/11

Ken, spending trillions on a war machine is not a lot of money???????? The war machine has made Billionaires and is still doing so. Paul please do not stop your rants we need them. The majority of Americans are indebted to the system so why would they vote against it. Until we stop the money train war will continue, until we stop this madness called terrorism (most of which are freedom fighters) wars will continue, until we stop this madness called greed and profits from killing, wars will continue. Now we have the King of Qatar under the American auspices selling Libyan oil - now you know the reason for war.Because China gets oil from the Sudan (where genocide is going on even today) America has a hands off agreement with them - I'm wondering how long that will last now the heat is on over Pakistan. The Rothschild's, their club members, and the media which they own, have us where they want us, uneducated and fodder for their wars.

freddie, miskatonic

the money pump can move the massive warmachine. without the sinews, abody is a scattered enigma of limbs. but there is that horrible crawling hand


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