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Jodopo, Canada

Technically and philosophically Bonner is all wet! Just do what the planners of the Constitution determined was the only real safeguard to the economic prosperity of the Republic. Let the government issue it own debt-free currency. Something like they did in pre-Revolutionary time. The colonies had their own scrip or coinage (silver and/or gold)- and the colonies prospered enormously. Britain tried to take away that prosperity through taxes and forbidding scrip - which is exactly what is happening today. The British-owned Federal Reserve (The Rothschilds of England own 51+ percent of the shares of the Fed)has stolen America's ability to create new wealth by the issuance of fiat currency, which creates an ever-increasing debt. You don't see any silver or gold coinage, or silver or gold certificates (issued by the US government), in circulation these days, do you? The Fed has stolen the silver and gold and shipped it overseas.

Jodopo, Canada

I hope you Americans realize you are witnessing the demise of your Republic even as you live and breath, (and pay taxes)under the Patriot Act and its pernicious additives.

jodopo, Canada

Well said, Sarasota Bob! No money - no war!

Jodopo, Canada

Hear, hear! The wisdom of the ancient is not to be ignored nor neglected.

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