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“When you sit down to negotiate on what you already have, you lose.”

~ Marie J. Parente

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anonymous    2/10/14

Marie Parente seems to have a grasp on the obvious. No sitting down required.

Waffler, Smith

Every time you purchase something etc you are giving up what you have for something different. One values the money more and one values the good or service more. What the heck is here point.

Mike, Norwalk

Waffler, welcome back, hope you are well ! We missed the lively banter from your socialist / anti-freedom perspective. Waffler, by way of example: If one sits down to negotiate their inalienable / non-infringable right to keep and bear arms (for individual enjoyment or sufficient regulation to bring into battle as a volunteer militia) - they lose.

H Rearden, Burr Ridge ILL

Waffler, let me give you a real life example of this in action. One person decides that he would like to take the property - in this case real estate- of his neighbor. He sues. The defendants, legal owners of the property in question, get a capricious idiot judge and after 6 months of litigation and appeal by the claimant to the appellate court, it is decided twice that the owners actually are the owners.
We were allowed to keep our property and our legal bill was $95,000. Now do you get the point?
Just as an aside, in other, less litigious societies, the loser would at least have to pick up the winners' tab for defense and court costs.

Rick Lee Patrick, Dallastown, PA

If you have something that has been working for the (whole) of goodness, or profitability. Why even consider negotiating it? Majority of people don't understand about the importance of borders in one's life or in society. This was a quote with great wisdom.

cal, lewisville, tx

Even Lincoln knew that property is the fruit of one's labor.

Uncle Joe; The Elder;, Middleburgh, N.Y,

The door to your home shop or building is to keep out intruders! The borders to your nation is to keep out invaders ! Be they legal or ILLEGAL !
" Enter by invitation only " GOT IT ?
If you trespass you go to jail or to the cemetery take your pick ! If you cant hold it, it ain't yours!!!
Ask the American Indian, The same will happen here if you don't have balls or backbone // + lots of AMMO ! :>) Uncle Joe; The Elder ;

watchman 13, USA

Go uncle Joe !!!! Lincoln started property tax !! Wrong side to stand on for financial liberty. Along with FDR who brought payroll tax !!

Uncle Joe; The Elder;, Middleburgh,N.Y,

One more time; Uncle Joe The Elder; 2/10/14,
I served in WWII & Korea; Two honorable discharges
This is not the nation I was born into not by a damm sight ! You will never win the war on Hunger, Poverty, or Ignorance; 1, Is the empty BELLY, 2, Is the empty WALLET ! 3, Is the empty HEAD ! 4. The empty Church ! A nation without morality is DOOMED !
GOVERNMENTS sell SMOKE ! Nothing more!
I wish I wrote the Constitution !
Law # 1, No office holder HIGH OR LOW ! Fed or State will leave office with more Moneys, Properties, or Assets than he/she had before taking office !
Or may it be held in escrow by a second or third party ! 10 years for offering or taking of bribes!
THAT WOULD BE ARTICLE #1 U.S, Constitution, NO Amendment ever ! I would draft office holders and pay them no more than a Captain in the army, A promotion every two years! Do eight and OUT ! NO LIFERS IN GOVERNMENT !
Let the PEOPLE SERVE ! Draft 500 from each state, Cull out 50 of the best & brightest!
Let them live in officer quarters ! No god dam luxury ! YOU GO THERE TO SERVE YOUR NATION END OF STORY ! Military Justice !
There is no reason to commit TREASON !
They can't lead a heard of CATS out of a WHORE HOUSE ! LEADERS ? MY ASS !
Uncle Joe; The Elder; 87 yo,
That's what I think !
E.O.T, end of transmission;

E Archer, NYC

Marie Parente makes a great point. Whenever some politician proposes a new 'law' in which we have to give up our property, money or labors, they are proposing that we waive our rights to it. Then after enough complaining, they propose to only take half of what they originally proposed -- it's a negotiating tactic. Like the Federal Reserve or Obamacare -- once they have got you to compromise, they are now in the house, ready to make new claims. Never let the devil in your door, he will soon act like he owns the place.

watchman 13, USA

The elder has spoken, Every one in ranks take note !!!

Robert Sarkissian, Orange, California

Unfortunately for the last 238 years we've been negotiating with the left and slowly eroding our beautiful constitution. Abolishing our set of standards for infinite shades of gray. It's amazing we've lasted this long considering the forces arrayed against us from within and outside. God help us all!

watchman 13, USA

God has helped us all ! We are still in the Dispensation of the grace of God. Spread the word, Liberty and Freedom are alike to being freed from your sins, He ( Christ died for all your sins ) , Colo 2:13 , Titus 2:14, But as freedom and the stand for it , you must believe with all your heart. Proverbs 3:5, Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not to your own understanding, in all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. 50 years or so we had harmony in this nation, till greed of gain in the agricultural industry entered in !! President Washington warned us of this, in his Farewell Address !! Thank FDR for Nationalized crops and the payroll Tax !! Down with socialism at all cost.

Uncle Joe the Elder;, Middleburgh N.Y,

Watchman 13, USA. You know the old saying do you ? GOD HELPS HIM THAT WILL HELP HIM SELF!
I like "Do unto others before they do unto you!"
Your " Down with Socialism at all cost ?"
What are you willing to pay ? Do you VOTE ?
I have seen men die so that you can go to VOTE;
So you & your family can sleep well ! And at 2:am no one will be pounding on your door to roust you out into the cold night !

Nations fall because good men become indifferent - let the other guy do it !
For 6 years of my life I was the other guy! I did it ! Watchman 13 were you there ? It was a cheap shot you took at me in your previous remark, { The Elder has spoken, every one in ranks take note } It is easy to be glib and flippant ! You may be the nicest guy on the block ! But you sound to me like your a bible thumper ! I try to practice the 11th COMMANDMENT ! I know what COMMANDS are and you don't Debate, Discuss Vote or put it off until the next meeting ! I was met with silence when I asked "What is the 11th Commandment?"
80 people sat silent ! I told them "Jesus said " "This is my commandment That you love one another as I have loved you ! "NOW !
Not next week not next month ! BUT NOW !
GOD BLESS YOU ! And I offer a HUG !
Many people light up and hug me back ! That's my reward; Many don't that's O.K, I GET an A FOR TRYING ! Good night & GOD BLESS YOU !
~(:>) Uncle Joe; The Elder: 2/20/14


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