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“I don't want my children fed or clothed by the state, but if I had to choose, I would prefer that to their being educated by the state.”

~ Max Victor Belz

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Gary, Windsor

Great quote and to the point.

Iowa John Birch Society, Ames, Iowa

Children of the State.

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Anon    8/20/09

This quote points out the ultimate importance of the freedom to choose as the most important right. I choose neither.

Mike, Norwalk

Great sequential line of importance, and reader comments. I'm with Anon, I choose neither.

Waffler, Smith

Thank God we have neither in this country. I don't know anyone who claims that "state universities" in this country are analogous to state education. Their are 50 "state" universities. Neither are public schools "state education". You can only have stae educaton when you have a static absolutist dictatorial government or party like the former Soviet Union, or the Taliban.

Justin, Elkland

True learning can only be accomplished through self-direction. The state indoctrinates; it does not educate.

J Carlton, Calgary

I'm amazed when people say they'll never give up their guns to the state...but they will give the state the minds of their children. Great quote, and if you have no choice but to put your kids in state schools, be sure to debrief and correct them every day.

cal, lewisville, tx

Waffler, what is "stae education?" You must have received a "state education."

Waffler, Smith

Cal am I correct that you may be the only person who has never used Spell Checker. I guess it was designed only for state and "publicly educated" people. Sadly I have not found spell checker available on this site. Maybe this site was and is only intended for use by privately schooled individuals. If so forgive my intrusion into theri psycho world. AGAIN I KNOW OF NO STATE EDUCATION IN THE USA except for the US Army. They taught me the spirit of the bayonet, to kill. But I was there willing and not by coercion.

jim k, austin

J Carlton, right on, especially about debriefing them every day. Most public school teachers are liberals and they get constant liberal garbage in the mail from their union and the Department of Education.

Zachary, Washington, DC

I choose none of the above. I have undergone both public and private education, and let me tell you, the challenges that my private school afforded me shaped me into the individual I am today. Unfortunately for most, their continued public school education will not grant them growth opportunities on par with their private counterparts. On a side note, my entries have spell check Waffler. Maybe try using a different browser?

E Archer, NYC

Hell, if I had to chose between being fed by the state or educated by the state I think I would find another state! (But I guess it depends on what the state will be serving...)

Dug, Kalifornia

As for spel chek, simply tipe it on a Word dockument then kut an payst it.

M. Brown, Florida

Justin and J. carl are correct. Homeschooling like the founders is one of the best educationa. Inspire not require!

Waffler, Smith

What founders M. Brown? Jefferson graduated from the College of William and Mary and his father was highly educated. Adams graduated from Harvard College. James Madison graduated from The College of New Jersey (I guess that name made it a state college and "state eucation") now it is called Princeton. Wahsington is the only one who seems to have left school at the age of 12. He was not well read like the others but as we know was a great leader also. Where did you learn that these guys were homeschooled.

warren, olathe

I'm afraid both would teach the child that he has to depend on the government. Waffler you and your cohorts are working to make this a Soviet/Taliban/fascist state.

J Carlton, Calgary

Lets not forget that a government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take it away. (Not sure who said that)

doug, Calif

Thomas Jefferson has the above quote

J Carlton, Calgary

Thanks Doug. Makes sense.

Waffler, Smith

I don't feel that I have any cohorts. I thought you were a cohort on the Civil War thing. The fact is that Harvard, Princeton and Wm and Mary were established by the societies, publics or states in which they existed that being Massacusetts, New Jersey and Virginia. All this talk about :"state schools" versus home schooling of the founders is the purest BS I have ever heard.

Howard, Bangkok

OMG, where do I start? How one can translate our founding fathers going to Harvard to be a state education is beyond me. I paid for my daughter's education. Don't ask me to pay for your children's education. Besides, all they will learn in public school is how to follow the party line. TIME FOR REVOLUTION.

Waffler, Smith

Harvard Universtiy was started by the Puritan fathers and was the school of the society of Massachusetts. Just like Princeton known as The College of New Jersey whne Madison attended and Wm and Mary were the schools of their respective societies. Just what is a "state" education Howard. The societies of each of the 50 states have established Colleges and Universities which are run by Boards or Regents variously appointed by the Governors and citizens of those societies similar I would assume as was Harvard and Princeton. In your mind which one of 50 students attending each of those institutions would be attending a "state" school in your mind. My nephew has a Phd. from Wash Univ. St Louis. He teaches at Ohio State Univ. a public or state school. Do you think he is a tool of the "state" or is an insidious spy from the the private world. Just what is state schooling in your view. That schools are run by states is a total myth. Tell me where is this thing call a state that runs schools. .

Anonymous, Taylor County, Kentucky. CSA

Waffle is obviously lying "Liberal" garbage. And I am being 'nice.' To make a point to those who might not understand, not for 'waffler's' benefit: The amerikan communist insurgency infiltrated the govt. schools just like they've infiltrated everything else. They lowlife lying scum succeed in their indoctrination of children by not telling them what they should know, like the importance of hunting creatures like the waffler and at the least forcing them to leave the land of the free, because such creatures do not belong here. Don't understand? Start here:

Waffler, Smith

I repeat especially for chickenshi* anonymous from Taylor County above who ain't even smart enough to come up with a decent handle for his BS. Harvard was started CA 1636 by the "state" of its time the Puritan society of Massachusetts Bay crowd, just like Wm and Mary was started by the Williamsburg Virginia crowd, and The College of New Jersey now Princeton by the New Jersey crowd. Today we have state Universities and colleges in all 50 states and county community colleges every where all established by their respective crowds. Now why it was acceptable in the 1600's for crowds to establsish colleges for their progeny and we honor those institutions because communism and statism had not yet been invented but now some look down their noses at 50 separate crowds (now called states) who have done the same thing as the founders did 150 years before the founding and we call it "statism" big brother etcetera. I ALSO REPEAT THE FOUNDERS WERE NOT EDUCATED AT HOME OR BY HOME SCHOOLING. THEY ATTENDED THESE SOCIETY OR STATE SCHOOLS IF YOU WILL THAT EXISTED FOR DECADES IF NOT 100 YEARS BEFORE THEY ATTENDED. Obviously what is going on here as M. Brown and Anonymous above are proving is that we are being dumbed down from the fine educations achieved via society ie state estabished schools to a desire for a backwoods education.

A.Jurgensen, Stuart, FL

I wonder why we have had so many stellar grads from our state colleges if state ed. is so terrible. I graduated from a state college and was never, ever indoctrinated with communist/socialist dogma. I hear this nonsense all the time and it is ridiculous. Probably all but two of the respondents come across as Radical Rightwingers who despise anything having to do with the State. Our daughter and granddaughter are school teachers in the public system. They are Republican conservatives.

MIchael Payne, Pinedale, WY

The point of the choosing to have his children clothed by the state rather than educated by the state is that the state will brainwash his children into believing in that socialism.

Mike, Norwalk

With a young family, I was out of work with not as much as a vehicle to sleep in. I was free to choose my path so I chose liberty. I did not go to the government for assistance. My family and I were mostly helped by church for a very brief moment in time. I quickly got back on my feet and then started my own business. I even started some Montessori schools. I sold those and home schooled. I choose not the state of a slave - my children neither received food, clothes, or education from the occupying statist theocracy infesting this land.

Ronw13, Oregon

Infiltration on/in the highest levels of education in the nations public schools, is sickening. Tearing down the philosophical foundation of our Founding Fathers, brick by brick, very methodical indoctrination, creating resentment in young minds of the moral standard previously set forth. Waffler brought nothing away from the table, afforded, by his time in service. Joe McCarthy was very right concerning a certain branch of service. The contempt Waffler has for Sound Authority is obvious. From public, to private, private to military, to independent business owner. When the assault started, in the early sixties, my parents side stepped the states move to indoctrinate social change by force. They were well educated and extremely aware of the states motives.

E Archer, NYC

Waffler, the schools you are referring to were founded by churches not the 'state'. Primarily that is how ALL schools came into being in those times. They were usually connected to a church that raised donations, but students paid to attend. The Jesuit education was considered the highest. Note that Western 'law' originated with the Catholic Church. Schools obviously promoted the religion upon which the curriculum was founded.

Montessori schools promote a Montessori method for learning. Catholic and Hebrew schools teach according to their methods. Harvard and Princeton are not the ecclesiastical institutions they originally were -- these institutions have changed owners and the curriculum supports THEIR agenda (as did the others). That is what schools DO!! The crux is, forced education. Once the education is compelled, the curriculum becomes dominated with statist thought.

Waffler, are you saying that because Adams went to Harvard that he couldn't have been home-schooled? And what is SCHOOL, Waffler? What if I read every book in the school's curriculum on my own -- would I have enough 'education' for you? Face it, most of the today's educational process is one of programming. If you like and want the program, then great. But what if you don't? I can choose not to go to Harvard, but can I choose not to ingest the crap I am compelled to in 'state' institutions? Here comes the Ritalin ...

E Archer, NYC

I'll go even further -- schools appear in order to train people in specific fields of study. They are founded by a 'company' of people who require skilled labor. Elementary education was required for certain trades, and higher education was required for the sciences. For the most part a school is a collection of writings, research, facilities, teachers and programs for training.

Doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc. have associations and certifications for 'grading' by degree one's mastery of the field of study.

In America, no one is permitted to be a slave -- it is unlawful. To dominate, monopolize, and regulate a field or industry is to enslave those in the field to the dictates of the group. It's just another example of taking a good thing too far.

Educate the population in liberty, and mutual respect and prosperity will be its fruit. Let the people sort out their own futures. But, no, now the federal government wants us to give up our children at age 3 for a service unneeded and potentially harmful on so many levels -- and demand it as a right/entitlement.

I have read the text books that are in the schools today. The 'social studies' (why don't they call it 'history'?) books were riddled with propaganda and biased writing. Even the science books were corrupted with 'climate change' politics -- so long honest research. But schools have never taught anything that threatens their 'turf'.

Very much like we have seen with the mainstream media, the government founded schools do indeed bias their programs to the benefit of government -- not the least of which are the unionized employees that run them.

E Archer, NYC

But what I wanted to point out was that today, a bachelors degree today costs hundreds of thousands of dollars -- and Harvard and Princeton are out of this world. The only way is to borrow the money unless you are rich or a sponsored shill. Just like medical care, the expenses are too high for the average person, so insurance is required.

This just raises the cost of education and medicine because there is no check upon it by the market.

People are coming out of college with a HUGE debt and trained in programs for furthering statist rule -- either join them or starve.

The young are being conditioned to perpetual debt.


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