Nien ChengNien Cheng, [Yao Nien-Yuan 姚念媛] (1915 - 2009) Chinese author who recounted her harrowing experiences during the Cultural Revolution in her memoir 'Life and Death in Shanghai'

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“Day and night the city resounded with the loud noise of drums and gongs … looting and the ransacking of private homes … The violence of the Red Guards seemed to have escalated. … Articles in the newspapers … encouraged the Red Guards and congratulated them on their vandalism. They were … exhorted to be fearless in their work of toppling the old world and building a new one based on Mao’s teachings. ”

Nien ChengNien Cheng
~ Nien Cheng

Life and Death in Shanghai, 1987

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jim k, Austin

That was truly a horrible mess.

Mike, Norwalk

WOW, welcome to Amerika history repeating itself.

Mary, MI
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Mary, MI    8/10/20

Sounds frighteningly similar to ANTIFA and the BLM in today's U.S.


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