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“Petty laws breed great crimes.”

~ Ouida

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A.R.Jurgensen, Stuart, FL

A perfect example of 'petty' is the attempt to amend the constitution so that burning the American flag is illegal...it violates the First Amendment and the Free Speech clause.

jim k, Austin, Tx

You could also change the word "petty" to many. We now have thousands of laws and the scary part is that congress meets every day to pass more.

E Archer, NYC

Most laws are to 'protect' a private interest rather than an individual right. Since all we do now is vote for money, all the laws are meant to keep us 'in our place' as subservient dependents upon the Nanny-state. Drug prohibition has indeed created the largest criminal networks of corrupted 'officials' ever known on Earth.

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    ema    5/21/20

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