Randolph Bourne Quote

“War is the health of the State.”

~ Randolph Bourne

The State (1918)

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Mike, Norwalk

We need another war, we're not healthy enough yet.

Bryan Morton, Stuart, FL

Randolph Borne was anti-war. "War is the health of the state," was a negative commentary on a sad but true condition. The comment comes from "The State" which can be read here: http://fair-use.org/randolph-bourne/the-state/

jim k, austin

Without World War 2 we would probably still be in the Hoover/Roosevelt depression. Sad but true.

Mike, Norwalk

Bryan, I contemplated putting 5 stars for the reason you stated but chose a little tongue in cheek sarcasm to make a point. jim is also right about a some time economic event related to a victor.

A.Jurgensen, Stuart, FL

Bourne makes perfectly clear that there is a difference between Nation and State: Diplomacy is used while the States are recuperating from conflicts in which they have exhausted themselves. It is the wheedling and the bargaining of the worn-out bullies as they rise from the ground and slowly restore their strength to begin fighting again. ME: Bourne was on to something here as witness the most recent pres. election. Barack Obama is fresh, young and ready for battle...this time the battlefield will be expanded by sending in more Men (I doubt women will go there) into Afghanistan. BOURNE: The State, acting as a diplomatic-military ideal, is eternally at war.

E Archer, NYC

Hard to rate without the context. Yes, war is good for the economy IF you are America, not whomever we fight. Of course, edcessive borrowing for needless wars leads to massive inflation and bursted bubbles. All this is healthy for bankers who essentially control the State. War is good for bankers, but not necessarily the State.

warren, olathe

War is not good for the economy. That is just propaganda. War squanders large amounts of money that will have to be paid at the expense of the economy. War only benefits those that profit from it. The rest pay. The quote makes no sense


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