Richard Henry Dana, Jr.Richard Henry Dana, Jr., (1815-1882) American lawyer, politician from Massachusetts

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“Our experience has shown us that in the excitement of great popular elections, deciding the policy of the country, and its vast patronage, frauds will be committed, if a chance is given for them. If these frauds are allowed, the result is not only that the popular will may be defeated, and the result falsified, but that the worst side will prevail. The side which has the greater number of dishonest men will poll the most votes. The war cry, "Vote early and vote often!" and the familiar problem, "how to cast the greatest number of votes with the smallest number of voters", indicate the direction in which the dangers lie.”

Richard Henry Dana, Jr.Richard Henry Dana, Jr.
~ Richard Henry Dana, Jr.

The British newspaper The Times of 27 August 1859 printed a letter about the use of the ballot for voting in the United States, written by Richard Henry Dana, Jr. to his friend Lord Radstock

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Mike, Norwalk

I'm not quite sure how to rate this, 5 stars for accuracy or a thumb's down because it is so accurate (and the effect on the innocent). The current affairs concerning mail in voting is an example of the here quote (especially vote early and often). The graft, corruption and out right fraud of the current election is identified by the quote.

E Archer, NYC

Good Lord, we are in for a wild ride  10 days to go.


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