Robert Y. Hayne Quote

“There have existed, in every age and every country, two distinct orders of men – the lovers of freedom and the devoted advocates of power.”

~ Robert Y. Hayne

Speech, 21 January 1830

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Mike, Norwalk

The democratic oligarchy (fascists, socialists, conservatives, liberals, etc.)having no concept of freedom, but power only (license, compelled compliance, etc.)replace the once perceived representative republic and make the quote an astute in the obvious observation.

Joe, Rochester, MI

Most ordinary Americans love freedom, but don't realize they are rapidly losing it. Most government officials are power and money hungry, and don't realize nor care they are stealing the freedom of ordinary Americans.

David L. Rosenthal, Hollywood

For a long time, Americans have been losing their freedom to average citizens who don't know where the rights of others begin.

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

The cardinal character attribute for which advocates of power are in want is humility, the absence of which humanity, in its fullness, cannot exist.

jim k, Austin

A perfect example of power would be the Clintons. Bill and Hillary were totally into seeking power and money. Thank goodness that Hillary is not sitting in the Oval office today.

cal, Lewisville, Texas

Josef Stalin and LBJ were lovers of total and complete power .


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