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“Democrats and Republicans alike support the "War on Drugs." Federal, state, and local police make more than a million drug arrests yearly. Drug cases clog the courts. More than 60% of federal prison cells and about 30% of state prison cells hold drug offenders. No-knock drug raiders nullify the Fourth Amendment every day. Yet illicit drugs continue to pour onto the market, and they are readily available throughout the land. Looks like another failed policy. But politicians say more money will win the war. For fiscal 1996, President Clinton has requested a record $14.6 billion for this exercise in futility. State and local government will also spend huge sums. Who benefits? Posturing politicians and puritanical zealots, of course, but also the Drug Enforcement Administration, Customs Service, Coast Guard, FBI, and the rest of the drug warriors. Police love the drug war, because the forfeiture laws it inspired allow them to seize and keep private property with impunity. Corrupt cops get fabulous bribes, and corruption therefore runs rampant.”

~ Robert Higgs

The Myth of “Failed” Policies, THE FREE MARKET, June 1995.

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Mike, Norwalk

On subject, said very accurately and very well. Welcome to Amerika.

cal, lewisville, tx

Prohibition has never worked and it never will.

J Carlton, Calgary

"and corruption therefore runs rampant."...Indeed it does, from the Mountains of Columbia to the District of Columbia.

jim k, Austin,Tx

This War on drugs is the most dangerous thing going on in this country today. on the web.

Ron, Salem

Puritanical zealots. Posturing politicians. They must not dance, drink, smoke or play cards is there club. But they are hypocrites one and all. Their prejudice is uncalled for !

Mary, Michigan

The so called "War on Drugs" has created has created a physical and monetary expense with the loss of many innocent lives as well as bureaucratic legalized plunder of the taxpayer. The same and similar results have evolved with the drug war as what came about with Prohibition -- black market drug cartels all too willing to use any means to profit off of the "War On Drug"

E Archer, NYC

Those that benefit from prohibition and the drug war are the ones keeping this system in place. It is the foundation of the police state -- if drugs are 'legalized' (how can a plant be 'illegal'?) then we'll have to close down 3/4 of the prisons, entire police departments would lose millions in funding, lawyers and back room plea bargaining would be devastatingly cut -- however, a former cop could make a small fortune growing pot himself instead of busting others. The economic gains would far outweigh the loss of hundreds of thousands of drug war jobs -- these jobs SHOULD be lost, this army is operating via massive borrowing on the backs of the people. Enough is enough.

Bobble, No. Ferrisburgh, VT

Tell me how you REALLY feel, Bob.
( Was this written pre-, during, or post- your "trip" ? ) I have no more problem with folks succumbing to even the most powerful drugs than I do with alcohol ... but don't pretend the use thereof doesn't alter your entire body in more than one way, and if you're changed to illegal and negative behaviors, don't expect pats-on-the-back !

Jim k, Austin

Bobble, gibberish from you.


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