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“Most people are willing to pay more to be amused than to be educated.”

~ Robert C. Savage

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Mike, Norwalk

Though a world wide epidemic, it is especially apropos here in Amerika. The occupying statist theocracy infesting this land does promote a bread and circus atmosphere far beyond a true education !

J Carlton, Calgary

Gee I heard that the latest president is dismantling the Constitution, but Hey! Did you see the Broncos on the weekend?

jim k, Austin, Tx

Mark Twain said something along the lines of not letting school interfere with your education. Read subjects being taught in colleges today and you can see that there ain't much educatin' going on. We used to joke about a course in basket weaving but that would be a great improvement over courses like "women's studies".

jim k, Austin, Tx

If you took basket weaving you would at least learn how to do something productive.

cal, lewisville, tx

Too true jim k.-they would rather think up unproven theory than tackle what is real.

E Archer, NYC

This is something the rulers learned a LONG time ago. Fantasy trumps reality every time -- reality is a bummer, man. Simplistic, easy answers compiled into targeted sound bites are all the masses can digest. People really are dumb animals and are as easily 'domesticated' as sheep and dogs.

Robert, Somewhere in the US

There is a very thin line between civilization and barbarism and it is easily triggered. LA riots come to mind... It begs the question, did we really leave the cave...


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