Samuel Taylor ColeridgeSamuel Taylor Coleridge, (1772-1834) English poet, critic, philosopher, and a leader of the British Romantic movement

Samuel Taylor Coleridge Quote

“A people are free in proportion as they form their own opinions.”

Samuel Taylor ColeridgeSamuel Taylor Coleridge
~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge

The Watchman, 1796

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Joe, Rochester, MI

Freedom is the liberty to act on your opinions without interference from the government, not simply think or say what you want.

David L. Rosenthal, Hollywood

Not a well thought-out statement, Samuel. Or perhaps he led a very sheltered life.

E Archer, NYC

But with missionaries (both religious and secular), politicians, and the media that they pay, most of what we think is our own opinion has been 'taught' to us by those that intend to live off our backs.

Mike, Norwalk

Not sure how to rate this. Maybe 5 stars as Archer explains. Socialist slavery (both religious and secular) in most Amerikan's opinion is freedom. Such opinion is intolerant of other opinions - that would also rate a 5 star rating. My desire for a lawful (at nature - or natural law and justice) existence, is in my measured / experienced opinion, incompatible with a socialist's religious / secular freedom. That equates to a thumb's down.

Ronw13, Oregon

Coleridge falls short on many of his "formed opinions" not based in fact but rather fancy. He was addicted to opium his entire life. He was a cherry picker theologian. 


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