Samuel Taylor ColeridgeSamuel Taylor Coleridge, (1772-1834) English poet, critic, philosopher, and a leader of the British Romantic movement

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“Our own heart, and not other men's opinions form our true honor.”

Samuel Taylor ColeridgeSamuel Taylor Coleridge
~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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Mike, Norwalk

In context, the quote's meaning may be more clear. The scope that "honor", here takes on may describe everything and every body from the noble Gandhi to the murdering Mao. Honor among thieves comes to mind. Are the assassinations under the direction of Mr. Obamunist Goodwrench honorable ? Man is who he is, no matter another's opinion; is that what is meant here ?

E Archer, NYC

This is simply the definition of conscience and the stand one takes in following it. Isn't that the definition of honor?

watchman 13, USA

It all depends on which dog you feed. one will bring honour, the other dishonour. But the word is used in a wide range of application. Kabod, There are two nuances of the word. One is position in your own sphere which can be lost through wrong actions or attitude . The other of social distinction and position. As also in bravery, the medal of honour. The heart of man is continually to do evil, case in point, with the unrighteous man and his thoughts, as Solomon says, but conscience on the other hand is conviction by the Holy Spirit of Truth to do that which is right. No one is excluded. Regardless of the belief or lack of, in the Creator, The God of Nature. The God of the King James Bible. And in regard to him, honour is used in great majesty for those that worship God. As a sovereign God who is the governor of all nations.

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

Upon whom can anyone reliably rely to portray him or her, in the light of Reality, to himself or herself?

It was not ordained that our self concepts be constructs of our perceptions of other persons' perceptions of us.


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