Sarah Gertrude MillinSarah Gertrude Millin, (1889-1968) South African writer

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“The government of the world was [Cecil] Rhodes' simple desire.”

Sarah Gertrude MillinSarah Gertrude Millin
~ Sarah Gertrude Millin

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Ken, Allyn, WA

Remember this when an elite pseudo-intellectual Rhodes scholar pontificates. Rhodes scholars are simply globalist Marxist subversives in training.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

If we don't have government of the world by the people of the world we will have government of the world by SOME of the people of the world, aka corporations, conglomerates, multi-nationals, Wal-Mart. Have y'all never heard of Mergers and Acquisitions. If such things are good for business then why is it not good for people at large.

warren, olathe

Bill Clinton=Rhodes Scholar. We are almost there. This election will be a big step towards a one world government. Its gona get ugly.

Mike, Norwalk

Warren, it saddens me but, I'm afraid you're right. The election is shaping up to be between a war monger with imperialistic goals and Marx advocates bent on destroying what was left of liberty and freedom. Current day one worlders differ from Rhodes administration desires while relentlessly pursuing egregious practices of tyranny and oppression.

E Archer, NYC

The question is not whether we will have world government (we will), the question is how will it be run? Why does a farmer who is self-sufficient on his own land need his neighbors to tell him what he may grow, what he must learn, what he may sell, we he may do in his own house? The only benefit of world government is for the world rulers. We all are fine in our little sovereign worlds doing what we have to do -- government is not the answer to our problems. There is a HUGE difference between society and government. Cecil Rhodes and his ilk don't give a damn about the people, look at 'Rhodesia' and the other African nations Rhodes oppressed for gold. Why in hell we will elect guys who went to university in England at Oxford, I do not know -- have we forgotten the difference between British rule and American sovereignty? Time to get back to the American fundamentals -- live free or die trying.

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    abby    12/16/14

    tradgedyandhopemag on youtube explains the connections of crhodes and the world in hopes folks will recognize the state they are in...lengthy and worth it...(it has other stuff as well, but look for it...)

    Allen, DC
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    Allen, DC    10/29/19

    Hence all Rhodes Scholars are treasonous agents of the Crown.


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