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“Rather fail with honor than succeed by fraud.”

~ Sophocles

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GunnyCee, Durham

Someone ought to tell this to the Democratic Senators and Representatives at all levels of government. If they conducted their business in this manner, there would be no need for the Republican Party.

Mike, Norwalk

A concept totally alien to the despots of the statist theocracy. Government accountants not only perceive a successful fraud laudable when it brings slave booty into their coffers, they consider it praiseworthy to their gods.

Anonymous, Reston, VA, US

It is sad to see folks like GunnyCee as their fantasy world must bring them much horror... folks like the governor of WI is far from showing honor with their moral and factual dishonesty, and pollute minds of folks such as GunnyCee to the point where they see fraud as truth and honor... it is indeed a very sick world that this has been done to poor GunnyCee.

Abigail, Newport

The Governor is correct. Unions have no business in public sector jobs as they see no limit to the depth of the taxpayer pocket. Those who ran away are not acting with honor. They are slackers who are stealing public money while not doing their job. This an excellent quote.

dick, fort worth

As long as the rich and powerful Republicans own the media and the government (now with help from sold-out democrats) the people like GunnyCee will see and believe with no facts, no knowledge of history whatsoever, but utter vulnerability to the vilest demagoguery, whatever is spewed at them.

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Anonymous    3/4/11

more famous words from a great philosopher.

E Archer, NYC

It is apparent that most do not see the fraud being perpetrated upon them by the very people who are in positions of power and trust. Obama is a shill for Wall Street, and Congress is in collusion with the destruction of the republic in order to indenture all of us to the biggest baddest corporate wealthly in the world: the Federal Reserve -- the greatest fraud and theft America has ever had. Reston and dick should open their eyes. BTW, the media is not owned by Republicans -- why else is the Democrat propaganda on most channels and newsprint? If you catch yourself blaming 'the rich' for your ills, you have been dutifully brainwashed by the folks who REALLY are to blame.

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Anonymous    3/6/11

Yes - Very true. A success wrought with fraud is not any permanent gain " And a failure incurred for keeping honor isnt any permanent loss. Vedapushpa Bangalore - India


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