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“Those who cannot afford to sue currently have no protection of their property rights if they come in conflict with a regulation.”

~ Steve Symms

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Mike, Norwalk

We hold this truth to be absolute. The government (specifically and in general), their partners in crime - banks, and other unscrupulous malefactors depend on said state of affairs to advance class warfare, despotism, theft, a myriad of unlawful activities, and the elimination of inalienable rights (property and otherwise). Taking on City Hall is an expensive venture; AND, in such a corrupt system, a usual exercise in futility. The rule is, if you have enough money, societal clout, and media support, you may have a chance to protect property rights (how ever slight that chance might be).

jim k, Austin, Tx

This quote is unfortunantly true. The best organization on earth for protection of property rights and other government usurptions of our liberties is the Institute for Justice. Check them out.

E Archer, NYC

Our entire 'justice system' is being turned inside-out in which justice is no longer blind but condemns before we even can act. We are now no longer innocent until providen guilty, we are guilty upon presumption and forced to prove our innocence at our own expense usually after all of our property has been seized thus preventing us from even waging a defense. Due process is ignored and avoided at all costs -- it is too expensive for the government to defend its unlawful acts so they declare our defense and even our dissent as an act of terror or proof of guilt. This is how totalitarian governments come into being. It can't happen here? It is and has already been happening...

RBE, somewhere in the USA

You have to get some real verifiable salacious dirt on whoever is your nemesis to be on par with the Hill  the CIA does it all the time  how else do you think they are able to sway decision in their favor,  


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