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“As the organized Left gained cultural power, it turned into a monster that found perpetual victimhood, combined with thought and speech control, the most efficient way to hold on to that power. Suddenly it was the Left, the protector of liberty, that was setting rules about what could and could not be said or even thought.”

~ Tammy Bruce

The New Thought Police, 2001

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Mike, Norwalk

A good and accurate observational conclusion.

Waffler, Smith

Plague on both the professional left and professional right. They both wish to muzzle us.

jim k, Austin,Tx

Tammy is right on target with this quote. A perfect description of our friends now running,or ruining, the country.

E Archer, NYC

Not sure why I am always surprised when Democrats get into office that they simply propose more control and regulation upon the press when freedom of speech is their primary method of rallying support. Of course when you see how far left the press has gone, I guess they want to make sure it doesn't swing in any other direction... That makes them absolute hypocrites. As for the republicans, well, I am never surprised by their moves to build up the police state and wage foreign wars, and they have only recently started to show signs of trying to get the press back from the left. But they are both in the same fascist club now -- with one we get more foreign war and with the other we get more domestic war -- but the resulting legislation is the same: do what we say or else.

robert, somewhere in the USA
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robert, somewhere in the USA E Archer, NYC 10/11/18

EA, really, you know darn well the Left does not control the media — are you kidding me? The media is corporatism, militarism, and fascism. The press did sometime ago have a say in the media but those days have gone, the Washington Post, and the NYT are both CIA controlled. Likewise, in the UK the Guardian is now under the auspices of MI6. The Star may still have a left leaning. 

Jamie, Nelson

That right or left does not exist in American/Canadian politics. Not in the terms implicit in most reference. It is confusing when Liberals are not liberal, Conservatives do not conserve, Republicans do not give a damn around the republic and seek to anoint themselves kings. That Democrats means that, they support mob rule where 51% takes away the rights of the other 49%. "Left or Right". They both seek a power that they will do anything, say anything to hold onto that power.

Mike, Norwalk

Waffler, you seem to be just another talking head for Robert Gibbs and the rest of the foreign despots (or does this professional left thing just come to you out of the universal ethos?). hmm

warren, olathe

Waffler always the fool. The right by its very nature does not muzzle anyone. The reason the left has gotten so much out of control is that the right has the general tendency to "live and let live", but now the right is being forced to stand up or forever be buried in a blizzard of propaganda and hate speech.

robert, somewhere in the USA

Just look at her position and who pays her salary, then you will understand what a load of codswallop she spews. The women is typical of the current systemic order. She has no real point of view on the subject and should keep her mouth closed...


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