Tammy BruceTammy Bruce, (1962-) American radio host, author, and political commentator

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“No matter how noble the original intentions, the seductions of power can turn any movement from one seeking equal rights to one that would deny them to others.”

Tammy BruceTammy Bruce
~ Tammy Bruce

The New Thought Police, 2001

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Don Ren, Tucson Az.

I think that it is true. A person that balances on the fine line of good (right) and evil (left), can easily fall to the left if the gratuity is substantial enough. However, a stalwart mind can always counter balance one back to the right and hold the original intentions steadfastly.

Anonymous, Reston, VA US

Can does not mean will, or that it is probable either, which pretty much makes this a "ho hum" nothing quote. Better to speak of how those on the "right" are so intent upon claiming that it is their "right" to decide other peoples lives for them rather than minding their own business.

E Archer, NYC
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E Archer, NYC Anonymous, Reston, VA US 1/12/21

In the case the case of Twitter/Facebook, social media, and the MSM, "can" does mean "will" and "has".  Past tense.  Liberal ignorance has no bounds — it is its natural currency.

Michael, Houston, TX

The responses to some of these are always so revealing....of course, as one said...as a fish will be the last creature on earth to discover water, so the peace loving equality seeking liberals will be the last one on earth to discover the hostile, depraved and oppressive world they are creating. The simple problem is that eveyone is NOT equal in ability, willingness to work, etc...and there is such a thing as morality (Anonymous in Reston) without which no society can survive. Nothing outside a concentration camp that punishes achievement will make them so...but alas, we do have the progressive income tax don't we? Talk about a "nothing quote"--only to those who think intentions are everying and results are nothing. Hmmm....seems like I recall some ancient wisdom about "know them by their fruits..." maybe the results DO mirror intent after all.

Ken, Allyn, WA

Human intentions are seldom noble. Human beings are most often motivated by their ability to aquire power over the world (and people) around them. That is the truest intent. If any politician actually came out and said that, I might vote even vote for him. At least I would have found the one politician that can tell the truth.

David L. Rosenthal

No matter how noble the original intentions, no matter who is in power, there will remain in existence opposition groups, some of which will remain opposed for the sake of gaining or regaining power, others of which will remain opposed due to disagreement on principles or values. There are legitimate rights and there are "rights" that are not rights. And there are rights that should, at a certain moment, be abridged due to prevailing circumstances, which if freely exercised might destroy the society that is the forum in which we enjoy any rights.

Joe, Rochester, MI

Using words like "can" rather than "usually" and liberals dismiss an entire quote as not possible. The point is ... an entitlement given to a few destroys that right for the rest of us. Example: entitlement to welfare denies the rest of us the right to our own salary.

E Archer, NYC

Look at the suspension of habeas corpus in the US. (Means people can be arrested and held in prison indefinitely without charges.) The only equality Power is concerned with is the equal subservience of all to the State. Right or Left -- both seek the same uniformity from the serfs -- it makes them more easily herded and yoked. Look at government schools -- equal crap for all. Why all this talk about whether this quote is possible? It is already so!

E. Ordway, Brunswick, MD

Excellent quote. In regards to how a nation's government may find itself swimming in totalitarian waters, this is especially fitting. Meaning well and doing right are two very different things. Sad, but true.

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    Anonymous    4/29/09

    I agree with this quote, but I also believe that "can" does not necessarily mean "will." Call me an idealist, but I believe in the potential of mankind; we have the ability to be selfless and to make this world a paradise. Unfortunately, very few people have realized this, much less attempted it. Also, some call their causes noble, but what "noble" cause would set out to take away the rights of others (I omit names of the causes I'm thinking of because I wish to avoid offending others... and no, I'm not talking about welfare)?


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