Thomas JeffersonThomas Jefferson, (1743-1826), US Founding Father, drafted the Declaration of Independence, 3rd US President

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“I never did, or countenanced, in public life, a single act inconsistent with the strictest good faith; having never believed there was one code of morality for a public, and another for a private man.”

Thomas JeffersonThomas Jefferson
~ Thomas Jefferson

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Mike, Norwalk

A public morality, is almost always without exception - tyranny while, private morality is in fact, all there is. Examples: In super storm Sandy's wake, helpers are turned away because of their non-union affiliation, private man's food and necessities are turned away (on occasion by the truck load) because it is not associated to a public authorized entity, helping soldiers are put out of a military facility so a fancy underwear company can put on a show there, a private man's offerings are ridiculed because it doesn't financially line the pockets of public professionals, etc. Private man morally provides health solutions through his private efforts while, the public church (government) immorally does Obamacare - bankrupting companies placing man / woman out of work, reducing quality of care, stealing from all for the benefit of a few, making life a taxable event and, etc.

J Carlton, Calgary

Public life or Societal norms, should always be a reflection of individual morality. Not collective "ant think".

jim k, Austin, Tx

There is no morality, code or not, in the government. They love to tell us how to behave while they do as they please. A Woodrow Wilson quote sums up government pretty well; "Government, in it's final analysis, is organized force".

John Stahl, Lapeer

A man who would make this statement would never believe in separation of church and state. Jefferson never did make a public statement nor written,except by suggestion of the revisionists who are devoid of the truth in history.

Ronw13, Oregon

Obviously a very stable man. There is but one code, public and private. Licentious liberty without without moral restraint is nothing more than lust. But some wish to have two personalities like so many in public office. 

Ronw13, Oregon

Where is perfection, if singleness of heart cannot be found in a freewill association. This creates a more perfect union.  


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