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“Utopians...consider individual freedom as the stumbling block on which the grandiose idea of mankind’s totalization may flounder.”

~ Thomas Molnar

Utopia: The Perennial Heresy, 1967

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KS    8/18/05

Hmmm...interesting.It is true that we can not escape our human imperfections but Utopia can only exist in the individuals own thoughts.That's my belief anyway.

Anonymous, Fernwood

No, we don't. but there have been of course fake utopians who really were about making the world a slave camp or a work til ya croak facility -- and who called it utopia. Of course free will, the foundation of any rational, honest ANARCHISM, is hated and considered a mistake and a annoyance by such fake utopians (Bolsheviki and such)

Victor Sue, Windsor

this is a good quote i am so glad they have this this is perfect for my utopia/giver essay!

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brenda    5/5/08

I think that Dr. Thomas Molnar is an exceptional great writer. Having meet him personaly he is the most intellectual person I have ever came across.

Dr.Louis Fanning, Tucson,Arizona

As a former student of Dr. Molnar. I can report that he is one of the most brilliant scholars alive today. Though it has been some thirty years since I sat in his classroom, I still remember him fondly and with great respect.

Mike, Norwalk

Patrons of the occupying statist theocracy infesting this land prove the quote's accuracy. Those of the global banking network, socialist mindset, world corporate / economic system also prove the quote's accuracy. Most religionists (extra human experience believers or otherwise), extreme environmentalists / terrorists and authoritarian power mongers prove the quote's accuracy.

jim k, Austin

Well said , Mike.

E Archer, NYC

I like "the grandiose idea of mankind’s totalization" -- that really sums up the progressive-liberal mindset, as well as any theocratic view of the world. Mankind's totalization is what it's all about. Ah, utopia, perpetual war...


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