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“If the true freedom of the press is to decide for itself what to publish and when to publish it, the true responsibility of the press must be to assert and defend that freedom… What the press in America needs is less inhibition, not more restraint.”

~ Tom Wicker

On Press, 1978

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J Carlton, Calgary

Unfortunately the Press is now loyal to the hand that feeds it. "Integrity, Morality and Ethics" are no longer part of the equation.

jim k, Austin, Tx

The press in America is now 99% sold out to anyone or anything promoting big government.

Judith, Akron, OH

What the press needs in the USA is to do some real investigating...find out the truth and publish that without bias...Not their opinion and ideology.

E Archer, NYC

The 'press' is all of us who write and publish our words for others to consider. Broadcast television networks and media giants cannot publish anything that will upset their advertisers, their viewers, or, most importantly, their owners -- who now own most of the media companies in the nation and around the world. The 'press' today operates more like a government public relations office. When I saw every network ignore Ron Paul's near win of the Iowa Straw Poll, as if he wasn't even there, I could not believe these news 'anchors' blatant 'opinion-making' and black-balling of Ron Paul. But they love Rick Perry, who didn't even place in the Iowa Straw Poll. It is obvious, they have picked Perry, the people be damned.

Mike, Norwalk

good comments by all. As per Rick Perry, he being a high level liberal Democrat (great relation to Al Gore - supported by the extreme socialist progressive / neo-con media), speaking out both sides of his mouth (secession, treasonous fed, etc.) for the benefit of the ignorant (never ever really doing anything he says, after saying what the rabble wants to hear). He's another great puppet in a long line of puppet president's.

Mike, Norwalk
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Mike, Norwalk Mike, Norwalk 5/26/22

A beginning and narrow explanation of the press' true freedom is to publish NON-biased / researched facts; and, publish such when it can.Through thesauruses I've researched, facts and propaganda aren't interchangeable under a topic of news. Actual freedom of the press is recognized through an innate responsibility to assert and defend those absolutes. The current occupying statist theocracy infesting this land, with its forth branch (ecclesiastical missionaries / MSM) have no such intent, action or responsibility. That which calls itself "press" does decide for itself what to publish and when to publish it  little to none can be call truth, facts, unbiased or freedom.

Warren, Olathe

They are predominantly liberals. The only freedom they seek is freedom from responsibility.


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