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“What I do know is, in little more than 30 years, we have gone from a nation where the “quiet enjoyment” of one’s private property was a sacred right, to a day when the so-called property “owner” faces a hovering hoard of taxmen and regulators threatening to lien, foreclose, and “go to auction” at the first sign of private defiance of their collective will ... a relationship between government and private property rights which my dictionary defines as “fascism.””

~ Vin Suprynowicz

Live Free or Die: How Many More Carl Dregas?, September 21, 1997.

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Mike, Norwalk

A very accurate assessment.

J Carlton, Calgary

Seems the Government or one of its alphabet gangs is always ready to take whatever they can get from you. Heck! The Dept. of Education even has its own SWAT teams who are armed and wear ski masks that will kick in your door to collect on student loans. Police State? Without a doubt!

jim k, Austin, Tx

Then there's those wonderful asset forfeiture laws that enable cops to take private property without charging anyone with a crime. All done because of this war on people disguised as "The War on Drugs".

cal, lewisville, tx

Reston, I'm sorry for the fact you have no property to protect or keep.

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Anonymous    6/16/11

Brilliant words.

E Archer, NYC

Fascism is the de facto form of government for the USA. The return to de jure government will be by the will of the People -- do not expect government to uncorrupt itself. Starve the beast and expose it to the light.


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