Vladimir Ilyich LeninVladimir Ilyich Lenin, [Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov] (1870-1924) First Leader of the Soviet Union

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“...the concentration of capital and the growth of their turnover is radically challenging the significance of the banks. Scattered capitalists are transformed into a single collective capitalist. When carrying the current accounts of a few capitalists, the banks, as it were, transact a purely technical and exclusively auxiliary operation. When, however, these operations grow to enormous dimensions we find that a handful of monopolists control all the operations, both commercial and industrial, of capitalist society. They can, by means of their banking connections.”

Vladimir Ilyich LeninVladimir Ilyich Lenin
~ Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

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MK, Houston

Well, good to hear from you Vladimir! By the way, I tried to find a Wal-Mart in your old USSR and couldn't find a one. Couldn't find a Sears either, or a lot of things us ol' dirty capitalists take for granted.. Val...you might consider the wisdom of one Winston Churchhill: "Capitalism's shortcoming is the uneven distribution of wealth, which socialism's virtue is the even distribution of misery." I'll take my chances with capitalism rather than your despotism. God bless (I can still say that here.)

al, washington Dc

Concentration of capital is a tyrannical as concentration of political power....

David L. Rosenthal, Hollywood

Amen to Al's comment, and despite our aversion to Lenin's solutions, his analysis of the status quo is not too far out there. Communism is totalitarian, while capitalism has become treacherously monopolistic. He who dies with the most toys may be winners in their own esteem, but most of the rest lose, not for lack of trying, but for lack of genuine enjoyment of uninfringed opportunity.

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Dick    1/25/06

Lenin left out the fact that the monopolists control not only the commercial and industrial operations but the government as well. Through control of all else, including the media, they have controlled the thinking of the people, the minds of people. And through control of minds the people support the very programs that enslave them the more.

AP, Vegas
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AP, Vegas    6/13/06

MK...glad to see our American propaganda worked on you. Actually in the USSR religious freedom was supported (right in the constitution). It is also supported in other countries too like China (also in the constitution). What confuses people is the promotion of religion is not supported by the State and not encouraged...thus you can build churches, have meetings, etc. It's all allowed and was allowed freely. Also communism (which is just a quicker way to get to socialism via direct means) allowed capitalism (didn't know that huh?). Small businesses are encouraged under communism...the big thing here is that business and capitalists in power can't control the people...it's that simple but also that complicated.

Anonymous, BC

Capitalism is simply another way to privatise power. Take a look at the oil companies.

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Anon    7/27/09

Keep letting these international bankers create money out of thin air and we get what we ask for because by allowing it we are giving our consent.________"The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks." Lord Acton

J Carlton, Calgary

Anon BC...do you not know the difference between capitalism and fascism?

Al, DC
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Al, DC    7/27/09

"Truth" is found from left to right

Mike, Norwalk

Capitalism is a Laissez-faire economic' commercial, and political system at which the means of production, distribution, trade, and industry are represented through capital (a monetary exchange effectuating interest). It is the rule of law (the law of nature and of nature's God and/or positive law, defining larceny and other economic /universal absolutes that would eliminate any possible abuses attributed to capitalism. Any interference into capitalism by government (income tax, mandated loans to those who can't pay back, distribution of wealth, forced charity, funny money, regulation for societal engineering purposes, etc., etc., etc.) is not capitalism, it is tyranny. The free market's capitalism is one of the greatest extensions of a principled people that made the U.S. one of the greatest nations in history. The bank on the corner has its feet planted, one in capitalism and the other in the despotic quagmire of tyranny while, the central bank has only demonic designs. It is the destruction of capitalism by Lenin's, Obama's, etc. immoral socialist theocracies that is/are causing the pain, hunger, violence, and chaos.

Waffler, Smith

All of the quotes are true today. Should give some pause to those who can not read something by Lenin without pointing him out as a lone ogre. He told some truth also. Now banking and capitalism are both good things if they work to fairly and justly house, feed, and clothe people. I do not believe that they are sacred but must be judged on how well they perfom in satisfying real needs of people and their society or civilzation.

warren, olathe

Val would have loved FDR and B. H. Obama. All think the same way. MK hits in on the head. Good quote to compare to other haters of capitalism.

E Archer, NYC

There is no capitalism, private enterprise, or free trade if one of the players can print up its own money and can make every one else take it in exchange for real property and labor. A central bank issuing fiat currency at interest is a Communist Plank -- it is a formula for taking over the world, and it is very profitable -- the most profitable because it controls profit. Every dollar in Bill Gates bank account is a dollar owed to the bankers -- most people have no idea who the real rich and powerful are -- and the rich and powerful endeavor to keep it that way. Whoever controls the printing presses for currency controls those that use it -- that is why the government was not authorized to print money that we would have to accept, they were to ensure that real money (gold and silver) were minted and circulated without debt or interest. When the bankers were able to make gold illegal and force their interest-bearing script down our throats (thanks, FDR) we never had a chance. And we never will have a chance again until we overturn the tables of the money-changers AGAIN!

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RBESRQ    7/28/09
Anonymous, NY

The farther capitalism decends into crisis, the more stupid and ridiculous the apoligists become. Obama is a socialist---only the most dimwitted individuals buy into this stupidity. Mike from Norwalk, another fool subscribing to Libertarian clap-trap about small government, big government and the magic hand of the free market. The government is owned by finance capital, who intervene depending upon economic conditions. The most idiotic oversight by these morons is that the so-called American dream was at its peak during a period of regulation and has fallen apart since Reagan and deregulation. So whats the Libertarian answer--even less regulation--makes sense if you are an amoeba on Saturn. Its about who controls the government you peanut.

57nomad, san juan capistrano ca

I think the founding fathers got it right. Mostly the part about giving the exclusive power of the purse strings to the House of Representatives. The entire House, every single member must run for election every two years. The president can't pay the guy that mows the white house lawn unless congress first votes him the money for it. Who knows what's going to happen between now and election day, but, if it turns out that Republicans take control of the House and gain enough in the Senate to enforce a filibuster, that will be the true test of the rebels. Are they tough enough and smart enough to stay resolute? We'll see. In the meantime how will the establishment of the two national parties deal with the threat to their aristocracy from ad hoc citizens groups? That should be interesting.

Paul Higgins, Tamworth

Ask yourself this- can you stand on the Whitehouse lawn and decry the President without being arrested? would you get as far as the Whithouse lawn? Then, how free are you?

Mike, Norwalk

I should here clarify some of what I said. The term interest as I used it did not mean an extra charge made on invested capital but rather, something that arouses attention. When a laborer barters a certain specie of value and has excess of such value after life's needs are cared for, capital may be the remainder or, left over of the barter. Capital is money of intrinsic value (for example gold and silver coin) that is derived from the laborer's excess. Capitalism is the investment of capital in hopes of an increase. It is not the profit that defines capitalism but rather the investment. Capitalism can only occur in a laissez-faire state of free and unencumbered trade. Things that are outside of, or negate capitalism are funny money (credit, notes, etc.), regulation contrary to natural law and as I've written above. Capitalism's re-definition or expansion of understanding - to include interest, unprincipled profiteering and as expressed above is a justification to perform otherwise illegal acts. So, depending on the definition, capitalism can be know for good and evil (evil being certain bankers and other profiteers dominating market as well as commercial and industrial ventures.

cal, Lewisville, Tx

I hear liberals complaining about corporate welfare. Well who is the president they voted for in 2008, 2012??? All that Tarp money.

warren, olathe

Typical leftist. Mix truth and believable lies together and get a lie that can misguide many.


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