William CowperWilliam Cowper, (1731-1800) English poet, hymnodist

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“He is the freeman whom the truth makes free, And all are slaves besides.”

William CowperWilliam Cowper
~ William Cowper

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Dave Wilber, Sr. Louis

Missions Impossible: To have freedom and democracy or freedom and legal tender or to pay or be paid dollars with strips of paper. The sole function of legal tender is to take labor or property sans payment. The Greek roots of democracy translate to "rule by man" with a lynch mob being a classic example.

Waffler, Smith

Eureka moments are great. To be aware that is the wonderful thing. The other day Senator Saxby Chambliss said "Our children and grandchildren are going to have to pay higher taxes." He failed to say "because we are not paying enough", "because the Bush tax cuts were the dumb thing to do" etcetera. So this kind of political BS is what we need to be aware of and being aware will set us free form it. The strips of paper Dave refers to have provided me housing, transportation, etcetera so I am totally unawre of what he is talking about. Or on the other hand aware that it seems like BS what he is talking about. He should get on Chambliss' team. They are both slaves to unawareness.

jim k, Austin,Tx

Yes Waff, you are "totally unaware". "We are not paying enough" are you insane. Every time taxes are CUT, the "money" increases to the treasury. Can't you tax increase clods understand this? I guess not.

cal, lewisville, tx

Waffler never heard of cutting government spending.

Waffler, Smith

So Jim why did tax revenue go down when Bush cut the taxes. If your logic is correct then if we eliminated the income tax would not the revenue go up exponentially. Again Champliss (a darling of the Republicans) said that our children and grandchildren will have to pay higher taxes than us. Now do feel that is fair. When will one generation of Americans stand up to their fiscal responsibilities. I suggest that we be that generation of courage and face our responsibilites. Cal if we cut all government spending we would still be in 13 trillion of debt. We have sent our children to die in wars that we have refused to pay for, for far to long. At least Johnson had a 10% surtax to pay for Vietnam, but Bush-Chenny and their rich friends simply got richer by buying US Bonds and getting a war dividend while the yourng died.

Mike, Norwalk

And, the truth shall make you free. Waffler, the answer to your question is YES! ! ! If income tax was totally done away with, revenue would go up exponentially. You fail to acknowledge once again that; when all taxes collected in 1997 were added up (including income tax), that's not as much tax as was collected in 2007 when income tax was excluded from the equation. If people were free, not slaves, being able to keep the fruits of their own personal labors, they would use their wealth in ways that would enlarge the pot of moral and Constitutional taxes. The problem is not enough taxes being collected, its too much is being spent. If the statist theocracy infesting this land would suddenly return to the Constitution (only expending where-with-all on that which is specifically written), declaring all unconstitutional expenditures and loans void, the books would be more than balanced, almost overnight. Waffler, you are correct about the Bush-Chaney-Mr. Obamunist Goodwrench, the assassin wars and Bonds actions, they were/are immoral and over burdensome to the sovereigns of these States united.

Ron, Salem
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Ron, Salem    8/11/10

Mr Cowper gets it right ! The truth shall make you free. KJB

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

To dwell in the realm of the Truth is to experience the perfection of Freedom.

To the Sovereign Individual, doing so is Life itself.

E Archer, NYC

Hence, propaganda.  To con people out of their freedom, falsify the 'truth' and dictate rules for 'security.'  If people don't know who they are, they will follow the others rather than lead themselves.


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