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“The only vice that can not be forgiven is hypocrisy.”

~ William Hazlitt

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anon, anon

And it is rampant amoust us.

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Anon    7/15/10

Like any crime against humanity, hypocracy can be forgiven if the hypocrite is sincere in his repentance or even not. Witness the Amish after the massacre of their children and I venture to say that had the killer lived and got locked up for trial with no remorse the Amish would still have forgiven him. Forgiveness is not for the benefit of the hypocrite's soul but for the benefit of those that forgive. And now you know why I disagree with the quote.

jim k, Austin,Tx

A perfect example of hypocracy is the U.S. Congress. They create the financial problems of the country and then blame it on everybody and everything besides themselves.

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RBESRQ    7/15/10

It reminds me about something to do with casting the first stone.

Mike, Norwalk

Pretty funny, I like it. Good comments by everyone today.

AStudentPhilosopher, Utah

Right on Anon. And in reply to Jim; yea congress makes a lot of mistakes, but the source of the problem is the people who elected them to office.

watchman, USA

Forgiveness is divine and of a divine nature. For a man raised by a preacher you would think he would know, Mr Hazlitt. But he is of the unitarian denomination, no trinity with God. Belief in the trinity was required at one time for citizenship. An education on doctrinal issues of certain denominational christian churches would serve well, some are for the Republic and some are against it. Waring within the halls and behind closed doors. Rome has never been our friend. And her allies are as ruthless as she is. Even now her patrons grow vexed with the push to support imigration tactics with more request for money from her patrons. when they see the tearing down of our society and say why ? What purpose is this for? How can Obama and the Catholic Church be wrong ? they wonder in there own ranks growing weary. Wake up America, it is not our choosing to be slaves, it is there way through their enfluence. Fed,state and local Govs. in there strong holds. To turn against Isreal is a big wake up call, as 9,11 was a wake up call. Start the count. 01. You will not vote them out ! There allies are to entrenched. who would demand paper work of a poor fisherman or paper boy, or the boy who used to mow your grass, or babysit your children, to trade his labor for wages, then demand of them, give me your papers or die. they play both ends against the middle. And the rich lie in wait to take the spoil. Realtors uncaring. Insurance companys with out consience. Banks unyelding. Wake up the watchmen and the carpenter for the tearing down has begun.


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