Justice William O. DouglasJustice William O. Douglas, (1898-1980), U. S. Supreme Court Justice

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“The function of the prosecutor under the federal Constitution is not to tack as many skins of victims as possible against the wall. His function is to vindicate the rights of the people as expressed in the laws and give those accused of crime a fair trial.”

Justice William O. DouglasJustice William O. Douglas
~ Justice William O. Douglas

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J Carlton, Calgary

Imagine That!

Mike, Norwalk

A thumb's down for the messenger while not attacking him, 5 stars for an incomplete accurate statement (more complete would be innocent until proven guilty, verdicts such as innocent with prejudice instead of just guilty or not guilty, a determination of natural law and fact, etc.).

Cal, Lewisville, TX

I wish it was justice served rather that number of convictions for prosecutors.

E Archer, NYC

And yet, we elect these goons to higher office because of the number of skins tacked up on the wall as prosecutors. This whole 'tough on crime' thing is destroying liberty. This is where the right wing really needs to reconsider its means to an end.

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

The power to prosecute is the power to destroy.

What have become of the mandates of the Constitution regarding, most consequentially, the presumption of innocence and the provision of free, fair
and expeditious trials by impartial juries?.

In this day, commonly, overweening prosecutors are instruments of lawlessness,
less prosecutors than rogue inquisitors, acting under the tutelage of ideology and of prejudice.

E.g., Robert Mueller

Welcome to Soviet America.

Ronw13, OR
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Ronw13, OR    7/13/18

Fraud, theft, extortion, bribery, are Treasonous activities on a grand scale, unequaled in American history at this point in time. 
The current knee jerk activities from the bench and bureaus  nationwide, bear out this fact, corruption runs deep in shallow minds bent on greed and grooming of personal vanity, status. Gaming of American citizens and strangers, through fear tactics and outright theft have become the norm. This now being brought to Light, as the result from the election of President Trump. Now truth upon the scaffold tears at the evil behind the veil. Knowing civil war hangs in the balance, the inquisition/witch hunt, must come to an end. The more corrupted officials try to disprove their guilt, the more entangled they become in their own snare. Many a liar takes an Oath seeking favor from their own quarter within government bureaus. 

Fredrick William Sillik, Anytown

An examined trial is a fair trial.


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