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E Archer, NYCE Archer, NYC
E Archer, NYC

Well stated, Noah.  Hitler was elected by Germans that identified as socialist and the Nazi party was a socialist party.  Hitler killed off his other socialist contenders  does that disqualify him as a socialist?  I don't think so.  

A republican form of government is decentralized and has checks and balances  the primary foundation of which is the declaration that the People have inherent rights that cannot ever be legislated away.  

However, a statist form of government is centralized, and the head of state is sovereign, and all others subordinate  the State is supreme, and the people are its subjects.  'Rights' can be granted and taken away.  Statism has many forms  monarchy, socialism, fascism, communism, any top down pyramidal structure.  The key to power in politics is to preach socialism to get elected, then profit from the graft that comes with the corruption of that office. 

'Rules for thee but not for me' is the hallmark of socialism.

E Archer, NYC

I read the article  yep, that's socialism, and no I'm not on board.  See, the problem with socialism is that you do not have a choice any more.  Personal responsibility is turned on its head.  You have to be conditioned in school for years to be made fit for society.  Blecch  imagine everything run like the DMV. 

Socialism is the centralization of power, ultimately creating a seat of power ripe for dictatorship.  Socialists seek power  others' power.  It is a mind f@ck, hive mind, Borg mentality  21st century slaves.  Apologists for socialism usually hold positions of employment funded by the State, directly or indirectly.

E Archer, NYC

Think Venezuela — same thing.  A rich and prosperous country brought to its knees via 'socialist democracy' — otherwise known as 'voting for money.'

The fatal flaw with an interest-bearing fiat currency is that the 'money' you exchange for labor and capital is a debt with rent due.  It's a leaky vase, eventually draining to nothing if you don't pass on the hot potato before it's worthless.

Essentially we are renting the poker chips needed to play the game, and the odds are fixed in favor of the house.

And all property is taxed, gold is forbidden at the cash register — in fact, real money like gold and silver coins are not permitted for purchasing of goods.  The entire economic system is designed to increase the level of debt obligations exponentially — the more you produce, the higher the rate of taxation. 

Ultimately a fiat currency's value is always approaching zero.  If the issuers of the currency were indeed wise and incorruptible, there could be a government that would not need to tax the people but merely issue the currency they needed interest-free. 

But power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, and there is no other absolute power than the power to create money by simple decree.

Until we throw off this iniquitous system, there can be no real prosperity, justice, freedom, independence.  The goal is to keep people in crisis and in fear.  THAT is the currency of governments. 

E Archer, NYC

It's not a bug but a feature.  ;-)

E Archer, NYC

It is about POWER  nothing else.  Remember that.

E Archer, NYC

You don't have to "get the jab" either to serve your country.  Protect the lives and liberty of your fellows by standing up to the draconian dictates of eugenicists in the name of public health and safety.  For them, you dying for your country is what they want.  What better gift to the over-populated world than to leave it.

E Archer, NYC

I lived in Central America for a few years  Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Belize, Honduras  some of the nicest and hardest working people I have ever had the pleasure to know.  Their governments are all corrupt.  The heads of state steal hundreds of millions of dollars from the Treasury, and the countries are always broke.  Billions of aid from the US goes right into their pockets.  The drug trade overlaps all.

That's why you see millions trying to get into the US.  Their governments are teaming with corruption, and they don't have constitutions that protect their rights.  Their leaders repeatedly try to stay in power beyond their terms and command the army.

The people of Honduras successfully fended off a coup a few years ago.  Cuba and Venezuela always lend support to these despots trying to follow in their footsteps.

The only way we can help these people "pull themselves up by the bootstraps" is for there to be a movement from the people themselves.  We can play only a supporting role, they must find the way on their own.  And I have every confidence that they would.

There is no saving a people from themselves.  We can only aid and support the endeavor, because in the end, they'll need to run it themselves.  They can be free only if they want to be free and let others be free.  Americans are still learning that...

E Archer, NYC

When a majority holds a lie as true, God help the minority!

When enough people benefit from the lie as to become a majority, they can justify it because everyone else is too.  Everyone agrees that stealing an election is evil, but if the outcome benefits us, it is OK because we are in the majority.  We must delude ourselves for the sake of a social cause.  A religious fervor soon follows with persecutions and public executions of the unbelievers.

Beware, you false majorities, because you do not have the real power, and once a lie is exposed, and the truth for all to see, the delusions will come crumbling down.

E Archer, NYC

We are creatures of our culture.  Control the culture, control the people.  Likewise, destroy a culture, and destroy a people.  The law plays very little in my day to day actions.  I am generally dealing with other people and adjust accordingly, respecting them, without sacrificing myself to get along.  When I bump up against a rule or regulation, it is almost always an indicator of some sort of central planning and social engineering  often using the culture as a bludgeon.

The job remains the same: to raise the consciousness of the people, to be able to 'see,' to learn the 'way,' to know who you are, to take your stand, to have courage as the enemy faces off. 

The road to Truth and Liberty is so paved.

E Archer, NYC

(!!) Here we are. (!!)

E Archer, NYC

Amen! Take your stand and let the chips land where they may.

E Archer, NYC

The socialists would have you believe there are only 2 wings, right and left.  When in fact, right and left are both socialist wings: fascism and communism  both socialist in their party names.

A better ruler would be Liberty vs Authoritarianism, or Individualist vs Collectivist, or Self vs State, Natural Law vs Statutory Rules, Independent vs Dependent, or Responsible vs Not Responsible. Freedom vs Totalitarianism.

Americans have adopted fascism as the de facto power by using corporate power to regulate the attitudes and behavior of the People.  The mark of the beast is required to be given access to society.  I suppose the biggest surprise is how quickly authoritarianism is being embraced and demanded by the populace.  Most Americans support fascism, state and corporate rule, because they are dependent upon those systems for their jobs. 

The power to declare entire classes of people as non-essential is the crime of the century! 

And can only happen in a country that has yielded their rights to an arbitrary authority.

E Archer, NYC

"The burden of proving that the absence of coercion is inexpedient always lies completely on those who wish to abridge the Liberty of others by coercion." 

Pretty much!

E Archer, NYC

Lincoln had a lot of great sayings, this is one of them.  However, once parted, expect the 'wrong' to fight back.  The nation was being torn in two by the international banks that thrive on war and conquest.  Lincoln was trying to keep the Union together  he never stated his intention to be otherwise.  Slavery was a secondary issue, as well as State sovereignty.

So while I do appreciate Lincoln's commitment to saving the Union, the very means of which and ultimate end was not the freeing of the slaves but the servitude of all to the federal State as supreme.  Republican form of government cannot abide by such a reversal of the source of power.

SO what ended up 'winning' was federal statism to ever grow and transform the free republic to de facto authoritarianism in which all are subjects to the State (which incidentally is nothing but a class of other people).

E Archer, NYC

Let's see, the Brown Shirts, the Red Guard, the Revolutionary Guard.  Pick your authoritarian despotism, there are many to choose from.  Does not the Left know who they are?  They may not know, but WE must!

E Archer, NYC

I am a student of comparative religions.  Christianity is relatively new historically  referred to as the New Covenant.  I have yet to find a major religion that was not based on astronomical events, in particular the movements of the Sun, Moon, and stars (the Heavens).  The basis of all human history and organization is founded upon this, as far as we can see back in time.  How long have people been observing the 7 day week?  Each day representing a planet.  What makes a holy day?  Simply a specific astronomical event that occurs on that day.

I'll go even further and assert that the story of Jesus Christ is written in the stars.  The coming of Jesus was 'prophesized' as is common in the field of astrology, which is the study of the metaphysics of the universe.  The birth of Jesus was even announced by the appearance of a star.

Like the many sun gods of the time, the Jesus story is very similar.  If we treat the gospels as allegories used to reveal Truth rather than historical fact, there is a wealth of wisdom to be gleaned from them.  Jesus Christ is real, the lessons are true, but the dogma that has appropriated the Gospels have corrupted the very essence of God's word for the power it can wield over the common people.

The principles of Christianity are the very foundations of the civilized world.  We still have a long way to go, but it has never been better than it is now! 

E Archer, NYC

"Can anyone tell me of a time when people liked their 'government'."

Yes!  We celebrate that every 4th of July!  

E Archer, NYC

Nothing to see here? (!!)  The IRS is used as a bludgeon against its political enemies.  The creation of the IRS was a requirement of the newly formed consortium of private banks, the Federal Reserve, to make interest payments while the US government was in bankruptcy, in order to usher in an interest-bearing fiat currency in exchange for all the gold money in the USA. 

The US is still in receivership to the Fed, and the debt to the Fed with interest exceeds the entire money supply!  The whole IRS is a fraud perpetrated on the American people.  It's only purpose is to indenture a people permanently.  Gold is the only lawful money recognized by the US government, yet, we cannot use it for money.  Why?

Do the math.  Through inflation (creating of money out of thin air), taxes, and interest payments throughout one's lifetime, you will come to the glaring realization that 90% of one's labors have been appropriated by the Fed.  The IRS is the collection agency.  This is servitude.

Nothing to see here, folks.

E Archer, NYC

Spoken like a true authoritarian, ignorant of his arrogance and sense of superiority.  Libertarians are 'responsibilitarians'  they are responsible for their own actions and the consequences of those actions.  If I am not violating another's rights, then there is no violation. 

Look, an authoritarian is someone who wants to use the power of the state to impose their restrictions on others rather than come to a mutual agreement.  They are 'rule-makers'  "New Rule" is their common creed.  And Libertarians ignore those arbitrary rules with no authority to dictate behavior.

Again, an authoritarian is someone who withholds permission for others to do what they have a right to do until they can prove that they can be trusted with such power. ;-)

Dingley, you are an authoritarian.

E Archer, NYC

'Socialist' is 'statist.'  Other than a republican form of government founded upon the natural born rights of man, all other governments are 'statist' which is the supremacy of the state, the people subjects to the dictates of the ruling class.

As for 'lack of order' or 'lack of structure,' where does the authority come from to impose order on others?  You don't understand the American republican government, obviously.  The people are FREE.  They determine the order of their lives.  The government is tasked with administering justice and protecting the individual rights of the people.  

Socialism, communism, fascism, monarchies, the Catholic Church are all statist forms of government playing the role of forever-parent to which all are to be beholden.

As far as how to deal with 'bad' people, it is first the responsibility for the individual to be able to defend oneself from such evil or else perish.  When we form a collective defense of our rights, we form a government, and that government is subject to strict rules and jurisdiction.  

It's quite simple.  In America, the people are sovereign and the government their subject.  In statist governments, the rulers are supreme and the individual a subject of the state.

The US government is very, very powerful now, and there is a never-ending battle from within and without to seize that power.  We have lost a lot of ground in Liberty over the last 100 years, and the US has become more increasingly statist by way of the Commerce Clause which gives the government the power to control corporate fictions.  The government does NOT have the power to control the citizens.  The tactic has become then to expand the jurisdiction of the government by making the people de facto employees of the government and thus subject to their rules.  As well, people are now treated as corporations and corporations are being treated as people.  The end result has been the literal dissolution of the Common Law jurisdiction  there is only one Common Law Court left that I know of, in DC.

So the corruption of the American republican form of government continues to the point that people like Dingley Bell have no idea what America truly is and thus demand from government what they are to provide for themselves.

E Archer, NYC

Well said, Mike.

E Archer, NYC

Just look at how many governors used the ChiCom virus to seize emergency powers "for the good of the People."  With such power, now permission is required to do anything  and the micro management has no end.  They are drunk with power  and loving it.

E Archer, NYC

And that song became a jingle to sell Coca-Cola  "the real thing."  Saving the world, one Coke at a time.

E Archer, NYC

I doubt Waffler was paid  he's a true believer!  Personally, I would like to have more Waffler's on this site.  Their arguments cannot stand up to the light of day, and it is never more obvious when they're no longer in their progressive "bubble."

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