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E Archer, NYC

And I would add, 'government contracts,' of course, without deficit-spending, these projects could not be borne on the backs of the People.

E Archer, NYC

Eerily familiar with WEF Klaus Schwab's "we will penetrate the cabinets." 

E Archer, NYC

I do find participating in this forum to be beneficial in learning how to communicate ideas and arguments.  Yes, Ron, your words have much improved as well over the years.  A great many thumbs up on your posts have been from me. ;-)  Cheers!

E Archer, NYC

The truth is the truth.  If a philosophy is true then it is true, if it is false then it is false.  Everyone is a philosopher until the truth makes itself known.  Some philosophies are identical in practice as others, even though the allegories differ. 

"As you sow, so shall you reap" is just as true as "Garbage in, garbage out," "You get out of it what you put into it," and "You are what you eat."  All true, in my opinion.  And yes, Warren, what you have said is your opinion, and you are welcome to it according to my philosophy.  How does your philosophy treat me?  ;-) 

If it is the truth that sets one free, how is that exclusive to the Bible?  It is self-evident and need only be realized.  That leads to "The Way" according to many philosophies.  Being truthful IS the way to Liberation, is it not?  Is the Golden Rule only golden for those that follow the correct philosophy? 

You lay guilt upon the innocent with such judgements  definitely not Christian but very common amongst so-called Christians (and that is what RobertSRQ was alluding to above).  We could all stand for a little more piety in practice, as Mike so eloquently puts it.  ;-)

E Archer, NYC

You're talking about the Left, correct?  I could not agree more.

E Archer, NYC

Fred, I don't think YOU understand — all the money in circulation is borrowed.  If you have a dollar in your pocket, you are holding an IOU for a dollar.  Exchanging real labor and capital for debt-bearing script is the enslavement of the people.  With a fiat money system, all you can ever do is pass the debt obligation to someone else.

So all those 31 trillion dollars that the US has 'borrowed' are being used as the nation's currency in the form of US dollars.  When debts are repaid, the dollars are un-minted — i.e. destroyed, eliminated, erased, no more.  With this system, money is created when it is borrowed (i.e. credit) and is destroyed when the principal is paid back.  However, not enough money is created to pay the interest, so that needs to be borrowed, too, at interest.  And that interest cannot be paid unless more money is borrowed and on and on ...

THAT is the insanity of which you speak.  And socialism cannot ever work without this system — it is its very foundation.

All we really need is a currency that cannot be manipulated to conduct business.  Gold and silver are the only lawful money, and issuing credit is in fact the right to contract, and we do not need government or banks to issue our own credit — that's what our signature means on a mortgage — you are issuing a promise to pay, certified by the bank.  Your promise creates the money, and fulfilling your promise tears up the note.

Everybody is trying to get in on the racket now that the cat is out of the bag.  Credit cards, crypto, NFTs, phone cards, Apple cards, digital currency.  All nothing but promises to pay.  As long as those making the promises keep them, all will be well.  Credit should be earned by those that keep their promises.

The money supply IS the national debt — that's how this system works.  We rent our money supply from the banks that create it out of nothing more than our promise to pay it back with interest, even if we have to keep borrowing more forever.

I assume the mentally ill of which you speak are the people that have allowed this system to enslave them.  We have been duped.  Is that clearer now?

E Archer, NYC

I would be honored to answer your question, Fred.  While paying off the debt is a worthy intention, it would be fiscally and physically impossible to do so as the money supply itself is 'loaned' into existence.  Those dollar bills being printed are IOU's, not money.  SO you can't pay off IOU's with more IOU's... you are merely transferring the debt (which is the current system by design).

A central bank that prints money out of nothing and loans it into circulation is a foundational pillar of communism and by extension socialism.  It is completely unconstitutional, and executed under a perpetual state of emergency in the US since 1934 when all the REAL money (not debt) was confiscated by the private Federal Reserve banks as collateral for the Federal Reserve Notes to be used in lieu of cash (gold/silver). 

In truth, the US government was bankrupted and put into receivership with the Fed.  The US could have simply defaulted on its debt and started over (it was only a few million dollars back then).  Instead the debt has been put onto the People forever and exponentially so.  

It is lip service only to say that you want to pay off the debt but borrow 5 trillion dollars for entitlement programs.

Very simply, socialism absolutely requires a central bank that can create money out of nothing and require all to use it.  Gold has literally been made illegal to use as money.  

And a republican form of government absolutely may not.

Every single dollar in your, my, and Bill Gates' pockets has been borrowed into circulation, and someone, somewhere is paying interest on these notes.  We are all using debt instruments as currency — guaranteeing perpetual debt forever.  This is not capitalism, it IS socialism (whether communistic or fascistic).

So the Socialist's desire to pay off the debt is lip service only.  If the debt were to be paid, it would take all the money in the world, and we would still owe more — and there would be NO MONEY for anyone, except the central banks which already lay claim to EVERYTHING anyway.

Socialism is based upon empty promises that can never be fulfilled — and it's not from a lack of trying.

Get rid of the funny money cartel, and the world will collapse into war.  And unless the survivors remember what brought them to such degradation, they will be enslaved again.

Fred, which do you want more, Freedom or Institutionalism?

E Archer, NYC

Unless "I am Science™!!"

E Archer, NYC

Because you are still in Stage 1 ... and loving every minute of it.  ;-)

E Archer, NYC

Yes, the truth is relatively unknown because propaganda is broadcasted 24/7/365, and then the useful idiots (I'm looking at you Waffler) push the lie on all who question it.  It is not the government we have to resist, it's the social justice warriors waging war against the truth and anyone who departs from the party line.  Programming the masses to hate anyone who disagrees with their 'solutions.'

The plandemic is a perfect example  the unvaxxed are the most discriminated people than any other class.  They are effectively Jews in Nazi Germany and treated similarly. 

The fascistic Left wish the opposition DEAD.  They have NO TOLERANCE for anyone that isn't a blind follower of their religion worshipping Power.

I do believe they will reap what they sow and will inherit the wind  let's just not let them take the whole world down with them...

E Archer, NYC

Climate Change is the global boogey-(straw)man to rally the world against as a common enemy.  It is Political Science 101.  The goal is world submission, totalitarianism by any other name.

The Western cartels of medicine, law, and academia support the monopoly of the fiat banking system that effectively rules the world.  They have simply printed up the money to bankrupt the greedy politicians in governments, then lease back the world after having confiscated it to pay the unpayable debt foisted upon them.

Then, since the rulers own everything and EVERYONE, those that fight back are the first to be euthanized, followed by all those that cost the government more than they contribute in labor to the State  or have lots of property to seize.

Those that do not study history are doomed to repeat it.  If Freedom in America falls, the world falls with it.

E Archer, NYC

The truth is always present.  We must develop the skills of discernment to see it, understand it, be in harmony with it.

No one can give you the answer to a question you are not asking  the answer has nowhere to rest.

The truth is best revealed by removing the veils  that which is untrue must be identified for what it is.

It begins by recognizing the lies one tells oneself.  There is a "come to Jesus" moment when we 'fess up' with a cathartic release, and the clouds disappear and the Sun shines.

Telling the truth, being honest, being authentic, not putting on the act to get along  that's how to go forward into the brave new world of REALITY.  The truth makes itself known, when you are ready. 

Until then, the world awaits your answer to the question "Why am I here?"

E Archer, NYC

"Perception is reality"  Except it isn't ...

E Archer, NYC

The self-deluded cannot tell the truth, therefore they cannot recognize the truth.  A steady diet of BS results in being full of it.

E Archer, NYC

"Let me be a free man...free to travel... free to stop... free to work... free to choose my own teachers... free to follow the religion of my Fathers... free to think and talk and act for myself."

It has become clear that we, all of us, are not to be 'let' free  we must take a stand for freedom.  None are going to 'let' you be free if you will not BE free.

E Archer, NYC

Bail-outs are the strategy for industries held captive by labor unions.

E Archer, NYC

"a generation incapable of appreciating the difference between independence of thought and subservience."

That's the point!

E Archer, NYC

The Galileo's of today are treated similarly. Alternate cures that bypass the medical guild's monopoly are against the law  especially when they are profiting from the TREATMENTS for a pandemic.  5 billion doses and a tidal wave of adverse effects to treat in the coming years.  Anyone who points this out is black-bagged.

E Archer, NYC

Greek letters are also numbers.  The Greek word for 'excess' is also the word for the number 666, the mark of the Beast.  Since God provides, seeking 'excess' is evil.  The Beast is insatiable.

E Archer, NYC

For the Pythagoreans, mathematics revealed God's mysteries.  The punishment for revealing these secrets to the uninitiated was death.

E Archer, NYC

Funny that Einstein's theory of relativity is now the authority and anyone who disputes it is treated like a quack.  Even Hawking finally admitted that there is no way to prove the Big Bang or black holes  only on paper, and observable reality does not completely match the physics.  "Bent space," "dark matter" and the mysterious "weak force" are all theories on why the calculations do not work exactly as theorized.  Yet no other theories will be studied in universities.

Did you know the Sun was electric? ;-)

E Archer, NYC

The problem is 'defining' truth rather than letting the ever-present truth be revealed.  The truth is whatever is true, whether anyone knows it or not.

Do we need to seek 'reality'?  No, we need only correctly perceive what is so.

For the most part we are all projecting our ideas of the world upon the world.  We see what we believe we see, not necessarily what is so.

The truth-seeker must in the end be a truth-teller if he/she is ever to know the truth about anything.  As long as we veil what we don't want to see, we will continue to be self-deluded.

The revelation of the truth that has been hidden for so long, is indeed liberating  but only if we stop the practice of lying to ourselves and thus others. ;-)

E Archer, NYC

For the most part, it is propaganda that is broadcasted every night by the talking heads, not 'truth' ... 

Once you have managed to cross that hurdle, you can easily see that the 'news' is to condition the people to accept the unlawful acts of their government as 'legal.'  It is to instill fear in the government's opposition and tranquilize any effort to peek at the man behind the curtain.

"Russia, Russia, Russia" every day for 6 years  now we know what they were planning all along.

E Archer, NYC

Countries that use fiat currencies tax their citizens in order to pay interest on the currency issued.  The tax is taken from their paychecks before ever going into circulation.  It is a needle in the arms of the People for life.  This regulates the power of the people, steals the lion's share of our life's blood.

Poverty is regulated, more poverty, more debt.  If all bank loans were paid back today, there would be no money, and we would still owe more.  It is servitude.

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