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A True Texan, Houston, TexasA True Texan, Houston, Texas
A True Texan, Houston, Texas

I apologize for my earlier rant. I got off the track and on another subject. Actually, Waffler, the Texicans were trying to get away from Mexican General Antonio López de Santa Anna who was seeking to enslave all of Mexico and the "subjects" thereof, including the Norte Americanos who were trying to settle in what was later known as Texas. If you would take the time, and have the inclination, to look into Texas history you will find those men who fought at places like Goliad, Matamoros, and, of course, the Mission San Antonio de Valero (the Alamo), were men who valued freedom from oppression and tyranny. They gave their lives then as soldiers do today for their ideals, their beliefs, and how they would like the world to be for their children. Could you be that brave yourself, Waffler, to face the odds those men faced at the Alamo, knowing their ultimate fate?? Even after Santa Anna gave them the chance, the decision to leave alive, they stood their ground and fought overwhelming odds for what they believed in. Even though they died that day in March of 1836 they won, because it ignited a passion in others that built into a flame of victory at San Jacinto less than 6 weeks later. On April 21, 1836, Gen Sam Houston and his army fought an 18 minute "battle" with the Mexicans that left the great Gen Santa Anna hiding in the uniform of a lowly Mexican private. I agree with T.C. - God Bless Texas!!!

A True Texan, Houston, Texas

"What do YOU think?" Hmmmm, I think we should exercise our rights as agreed on when we decided to VOLUNTARILY join the Union - let's VOLUNTARILY unjoin from the Union and take back the land of the original Texas in 1845. That would be part of New Mexico, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, and Utah. That would sure make a dent in someone's back yard Bar-B-Que plans. Plus, look at the companies that we would take with us - Dell Computers (not much right now), Lockheed-Martin, NASA (another down-at-luck), Texas Instruments, Compaq Computers, just to name a few of the more techie type that everyone likes. What would happen if their headquarters were in "another country"?? That would make for an interesting situation.

A True Texan, Houston, Texas

As this document plainly shows the Texicans knew what they were about and what needed to be done, then went out and did it. They didn't just talk about it. These were brave men, and women, from all over, not just the territory to be called "Texas", but all who saw injustice and recognized it for what it was. Waffler, if you would study your history as much as you study your glass you would know this to be true.

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