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Cameron, AuroraCameron, Aurora
Cameron, Aurora

Fuck all of you advocating violent action. You have no idea what you're talking about. Not a single one of you understands the ramifications of what you suggest. Not a damn one of you understands how many lives would be lost and how thoroughly destroyed our country would be if you tried to "take it back" by force. We had one civil war, and it absolutely ruined the south. You can rant about your petty grievances all you want, but when you threaten violence, you're advocating the ruination of the United States. And for what? None of you have troubles even remotely approaching that of the American colonists. None of you have your freedoms oppressed anywhere near the degree they were during the Revolution. And yet you're willing to destroy over 200 years of progress because the current government doesn't adhere to your particular worldview? Can you not see how incredibly short sighted and narrow minded that way of thinking is? Are you blind to the devastation you would wreak? Do you not care about the lives that would be lost? Fuck you, you unthinking, callous assholes.

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