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It's hard to give a reasonable response, when so much irascible subjection is going into the commentary --- emotional Storm front if you will --- based mostly on personal views, rather than objective perspective.

With that, I ask, whom amongst you have actually acquired a copy of said reference, or, to further illustrate, read for yourselves the fore mentioned quote?

Has anyone here bought into possession any of these books?

Or, at least, have any of you gone to the Library to cross reference this quote --- they do have books at the Library still, do they not?

Before we call someone a satanist/luciferian, we need to be sure, fully certain of these claims.

Cast not the first stone, lest you are calling yourself the judge, and in danger of your own judgement.

Let me share with you, the literary biography of David Spangler, which directly reference this quote, and where it manifests itself from:

Wikipedia --- Spangler has continued to lecture and teach and has written numerous books on spirituality. He is considered one of the founding figures of the modern New Age phenomenon, but early on he identified its shadow and rejected what he termed "its further outgrowth into a myriad of 'old age' pursuits (including spiritual pursuits) dressed in 'new age' garb". This devolution into commercially-driven fads, identity politics, mystical glamour, atavistic spiritualisms, and uncritical guru reverence was a main theme of his Reimagination of the World.

Ironically, given his criticisms of the New Age movement and his attempts to draw out of it a balanced, practical spirituality of service and human betterment, Spangler has been a focus of anti-New Age propaganda primarily from religious writers, some of whom falsely identified him as the "Director of Planetary Initiative for the United Nations," a wholly fictitious position in an organization with which he had no association.

Likewise, the claim that he said that "no one will enter the New Age unless he or she makes a pledge to worship Lucifer and takes a Luciferic initiation," is equally untrue. This accusation grew out of a talk that Spangler gave at Findhorn on the nature of the Jungian Shadow and its relationship to the Christ, saying that Lucifer, whose name means "Lightbringer", could be a metaphor for this Shadow, since if we can confront it and heal it, we can discover the Light of Christ within. At the end of the talk, he jokingly called this transformative encounter with one's psychological Shadow a "Luciferic Initation".

When this lecture was published by Findhorn, this joke was included, though without any context to show he had been bantering with his audience, and was later seized upon by various fundamentalist writers as evidence that people in the New Age were followers of Satan or Lucifer, wholly ignoring the actual content—and context—of the lecture.

Later writers elaborated upon this idea of a "Luciferic Initiation", expanding it into the quote given above and falsely attributing this new quote to Spangler.

My own search for this "Quote" by Spngler, lead me, both, to the Wikipedia page, and this site.

My initial thoughts when I saw the "quote" were --- "Oh, wow! There it is in plain english ... They've said it, and now we have proof of what they are up to" ... But, I had to be certain, and looked it up ...

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