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Jim, Ocala, FlJim, Ocala, Fl
Jim, Ocala, Fl

Well I'm no great thinker, as I believe all of you to be. I believe that Mr. Andrews in his complete statement about the irs, was exactly right. But that's just my view. I don't believe we are going to get anywhere by calling anyone names, ie: socialist/communists, etc. I'm an American, I have fought for my country & our Freedom. Kind of makes me a little sad that this is the Freedom I fought for. In his remarks, Mr. Andrews said that we must find another way to fund our government. It must be funded, so let's find a better, less intrusive way to do it. I have recently read about a tax structure called the FAIR TAX. I've read th bill proposed to congress and it seems a sound way to fund government. I would be very interested to hear what all you deep thinkers think about it.

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